A 3 Step Guide to Cheaper Living

Guest post – A Guide to Cheaper Living

 Having a family is expensive. School fees, uniforms, food, bills, tax, pocket money, car insurance, the list is actually endless. So how can a family on a budget truly make the most if they money without sacrificing quality of life? Well, there are plenty of options as it happens. But here are three choice ones that you and your family will truly benefit from.

Cook and Eat Real Food

 Real food? That sounds expensive you might think. Well it isn’t. In fact, eating well is in some cases a far more affordable option that filling the fridges up with rubbish. Pizzas and frozen ready meals are detrimental in two ways. Firstly, they aren’t good for you. Secondly, they’re expensive. The best food for you is often the cheapest. Vegetables cost very little, but they are obviously packed with nutrients that are essential for you and your kids. There’s one snag of course: you have to actually cook. But these days, with the internet, you will be able to find countless simple, healthy recipes that are accessible to even the most novice cook.

 metal bed

Buy Long-Lasting

We’re not talking about milk here. Instead, we’re talking about investing your money in things that are going to last a long time, not things that are cheap but will break within a matter of months. There’s no sense in buying a beaten up old car that will cost you more in repairs than it did in purchase value. Nor is it logical to buy poor quality furniture for the house, when a solid wood piece from somewhere like Metal Beds Ltd will far outlast its cheapo counterpart.

Shop Around and Haggle

 Not everyone likes haggling. It takes energy and is not widely accepted in western culture. But if you’re on a budget, it doesn’t hurt to try. We’re not suggesting that you try to knock a few pennies of a tin of beans at your local supermarket. But where there’s big money concerned, such as car insurance costs, every little helps.

Savings without the Sacrifice

 It’s not easy getting by financially when you have a family to support. Particularly when you aren’t that well off to start with, managing to cope without making huge sacrifices can be a struggle. But with the advice listed above, you should be able to have all the luxuries you need, without losing out too much.

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  1. February 20, 2014 / 15:59

    Great post, its always good to haggle specially on markets when buying your groceries.

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