3 Tips for Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colors!

Are you looking for tips for choosing the right interior paint colors?

Your home is your refuge, your palace, so of course you want the best interior paint job for your place.  Undoubtedly you want your paint job to fit your interior décor vision as well as the other elements inside your home such as your engineered wood flooring or your quick-assembly click vinyl flooring. But how do you choose between the many options on the market? Here are three helpful tips.

Tips for Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colors


Stay True to Your Interior Décor Concept

Before you paint the interior walls of a room, you’ll most likely have an idea of how you want the space to look. This is your design concept and it should guide you as you go shopping for paint. If you are going for a serene and relaxing interior theme soft shades are ideal. But if your design concept includes words like ‘edgy’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘exciting’ bold colours are what you need to look for.


Consider the People who will Use the Room

Ultimately, the room’s colour should suit the tastes and desires. If the room is small and the users would appreciate a bigger feel consider using a shade of white since smaller rooms can be made to look larger with lighter paint colours. If you’re the main user feel free to go with whatever suits you. You’ll find paint colours and combinations that help to create different moods. Young children tend to love a mix of vibrant colours for their walls. The room’s purpose is also important. A home office or study for instance is best adorned in somber tones.


Look for colours that Suit Your Interior Furnishings and Flooring

The type of interior surfaces you’re painting will also play a big role in the type of paint you choose. Edgy and modern furniture look great against a white background for example. You can choose multiple colours for one room as long as they fit the décor theme you have conceptualized.
The colours that coat your walls should either accentuate or complement your floor depending on the design concept you have in mind. Light colours like crisp white and pale lavender green or blue complement dark hardwood or vynl flooring perfectly.

Feel free to use all the tools at your disposal to choose your perfect paint colours. One such tool is a handy interior décor interactive software that allows you to see what your room would look like with walls of varying colours. Then enjoy the fruits of your labour as you bask in the beauty of your newly painted walls.


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