3 Tips To Build A Career in Teaching

Lets take a look at 3 Tips To Build A Career in Teaching

3 Tips To Build A Career in Teaching

Parenting is a mysterious beast to anyone who’s never had children.

Perhaps you’ve never been drawn in by the lure of parenthood, or maybe you’ve always dreamed of a mini-you running around the world. Either way, it’s an experience that can only truly be lived first-hand.

And when you first get that taste of looking after your child, it all starts to make sense.

The organic and unassailable connection, the inherent satisfaction of teaching a child life’s basics, the joy and love that brims over when they take their first steps in life. Like a creature from the deep who realises they can breathe on land, that love of instilling important life lessons in children will surface from your subconscious and refuse to swim back down.

Once you’ve figured out the appeal, teaching children who aren’t your own could be the perfect outlet for you. Early years teaching in nurseries and primary schools requires a skill set that’s full of empathy towards children, making parents the perfect candidates.

But what steps can you take to make your teaching aspirations a reality? We’ve outlined a few below.


  1. Childhood online

ARU offers an online course in Early Childhood Studies, designed in part to allow those with childcare duties to undertake a course and top up their teaching degree in their own time.

The course can be completed in one or two years, and by the end you’ll have all the skills you need to work with children in a challenging and fast-paced environment, like a nursery.

As the course is 100 per cent online, you’ll be able to study when and where you want. So you can cram coursework on a tablet in bed, study on your phone while you feed your kid at night, or revise at a desktop during your normal working day.

Want to get ahead in teaching? Then start here.


  1. Practice makes perfect

Who better to use as practice for your teaching than your own kids? If you want to develop your communication skills with children in a school or nursery environment, then try tutoring your children at least once a week.

This’ll brush up your teaching prowess and let your kids learn a thing or two.


3 Tips To Build A Career in Teaching

  1. Know where to go

Putting your teaching plans into action isn’t a solitary affair. Instead, online and in-person events are the best place to receive advice and take your next steps into early years teaching.

The Government’s own teaching website features a plethora of resources to help you find events to suit you.

The best of these by far are its Train to Teach events, which allow you to chat with newly qualified teachers, watch presentations on the teaching and training process, and talk to experts on how to get the best out of a classroom.

That’s our list! Are you a qualified teacher? Or perhaps you’re undertaking teacher training and want to impart some advice? Whatever your experiences, share your teaching tips in the comments below.


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