3 Useful Budgeting Tools

Today – useful budgeting tools

You know I always feel that budgeting is a bit like driving a car. Absolutely the hardest thing in the world to do until you have the hang of it. Then you almost wonder how anyone ever found it tricky.

3 Useful Budgeting Tools

Having the right tools to learn to drive certainly helps. A car to practice in,  a great instructor to guide you, the highway code to read, the right shoes to drive in. All these things make it easier to drive. Well in the same vein having access to the right tools makes budgeting easier too.

Here are a few useful budgeting resources that will help you manage the two big parts of budgeting – tracking what you spend your money on and assessing whether or not you can afford a big purchase, like a tv or new car. 

useful budgeting tools


A budget diary or spending diary is another useful resource to have to really help you keep track of your expenses and understand exactly where all your money goes. Often its the little purchases that add up to a big total and can really drain your budget.

Another really useful budgeting tool is a loan calculator which is a great tool to help you plan for big purchases and assess whether or not you can actually afford the repayments. 

Most budgeting is about cutting back, shopping smarter and consuming less but there are lots of nifty tips and tricks out there too. Blogs like this one or Money saving expert have tons of thrifty tips to share with you.

So do use these free resources and useful budgeting tools  they really will help you budget better.

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  1. June 2, 2016 / 09:04

    I think a budge diary would help me so much. I’m sure my weekly shop spend is going slightly mental week by week. Need to get it under control!

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