The 4 box challenge

I was sent 4 large colourful boxes form the plastic box company.

Each box was separately labelled ‘keep it, store it, bin it and donate it’ The .four-box’ method; a tried and tested technique which apparently allows you to better manage your clutter.

I was challenged to follow the flow chart below and see if I could transform a room.

I decided to go for the room we use most, the lounge. It didn’t look too terrible but each bit of storage was full to the brim and it did look a bit tatty as it was overcrowded and messy.



but I had my four fabulous sturdy and colourful boxes at the ready





I kept findng corners where shoes had been stuffed, books piled, even a few forgotten Christmas ornaments down the sides of chairs? (Now that is a tad embarrassing)


I found old forgotten toys, things the kids had made, spare bits of lego. It was really quite a mess I had no idea how bad!

The boxes proved so useful at helping me  decide what to do and they were big enough to hold all the donate (which was probably my biggest box) so many books to pass on!


Do feel a sell it box may have been useful too as I had a few things for Amazon & eBay.

Are you ready to see the final results ..


I am very pleased with my neat and ordered room, every drawer and toy box have been decluttered and organized. I am adoring my neat and ordered bookcase (nothing falls on top of me anymore when I move a book) and it just feels better.

The flow chart was a big help when I got stuck too and in fact the whole process was quicker and easier then I had envisaged.

Am off to do the same in the bathroom with my 4 plastic boxes..see you later.


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  1. October 30, 2014 / 11:26

    Well done, I REALLY need to do this in my home

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