4 Money Saving Tips For Dog Owners

Everything is getting more expensive. From rent to bills, from human food to dog food. Nobody wants to cut corners when it comes to their dog, but during these difficult times, it may be necessary to make a few changes here and there. 

The good news is that these changes needn’t affect your dog’s quality of life but will certainly boost your wallet each month, even if it’s just a little. 

Here are four money-saving tips for dog owners. 


Money Saving Tips For Dog Owners


1. Register Your ESA

Completing your emotional support dog registration won’t bring you a ton of savings, but there are a few. People with registered support animals can sometimes take them on planes at no extra cost. Registration can also exempt them from paying pet fees, even in places that don’t allow pets. 

Of course, the significant benefits you get from having an emotional support animal are priceless, but it’s nice that there are a few monetary positives as well.     

2. Look for Food Based on Value—Not Brand 

Food is one area where you can save substantially if you shop carefully. If you’ve always plumped for luxury dog food, this is one area to save money without changing much. As much as we’d love to say that our dogs will only eat the finest chops of beef around, they are easily adaptable and usually eat whatever is in front of them. 

And when you look at the labels of luxury dog food vs branded dog food, you might be surprised by how similar they are in content and yet several pounds apart. Once you research and learn all about dog food, you’ll find out what kind of food your dog actually needs. You can search for more affordable brands without skimping on quality. 

A final point—buy in bulk. You’ll be surprised how cheap dog food is when buying large quantities. 

3. Reduce Vet Fees 

Vet fees constitute a significant drain on dog owners’ wallets and, sadly, in the worst-case scenario, one area where it’s very difficult to save money. If your dog is in serious trouble, take it to the vet immediately, but also be aware of instances when you have rushed to the vet prematurely.

We’re not saying you should watch your pet in pain and do nothing, but carefully consider when it’s needed. Another option, should you feel you need it, is to use an online vet. They’ll give you a virtual assessment at a fraction of the cost and can also tell you whether they need a face-to-face examination.     

4. Make Your Own 

In times of financial instability, splashing out large amounts of money on dog toys that Lassie destroys in less than a day suddenly seems absurd. Making your own dog toys is fun and easy and will save you plenty in the long run.

But why stop there? Dog treats are much loved but also come with a hefty price tag, so making your own treats is worth a try to save a little extra every month.   


We all want the best for pets, but difficult times call for making some difficult choices. It’s not about lowering their standard of living but instead figuring out how to make those small savings whilst maintaining the quality of life they deserve.   


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