4 Reasons Why you Should Service your Boiler this Season?

Today – Why you Should Service your Boiler this Season?


Why you Should Service your Boiler this Season?


Do you need a boiler service this winter?

Yes, you do! And here are 4 reasons why:



So, okay some things are really obvious. In winter our boilers matter way more than they do in the summer. We would be blooming freezing if our boilers packed up. Burr! It does not even bear thinking about.

This is the key reason for keeping our boilers in top condition and why we should consider having them serviced this season. To be without heating is unpleasant and for the vulnerable, it can be very unhealthy.


Why you Should Service your Boiler this Season – Nipping problems in the bud

But there are other issues too – if we don’t service our boiler how do we know about any ongoing issues and small problems that can be easily solved? If we don’t get to these in time, they could become much bigger problems and before we know it our boiler has packed up and may even need replacing.



No one ever needs unnecessary expenses, – especially during the festive season!

This is one pricey time of year without needing to pay for boiler maintenance.

Of course, if you do need someone to come out and look at repairing your boiler in winter it may take longer as many people will have issues during this season and so can impact the cost for repairs.

Either service your boiler during summer to save on costs and time, or you could invest in a plumbing tool kit from Heating and Plumbing World if you know someone who considers themselves a ‘handy man.’ A professional might be without his tools over the holiday period so if you have some to hand it could make the whole process a lot cheaper. Another thing worth taking into account is that quite a few boilers guarantees and warranties are exempt if you don’t have regular services, something to bear in mind as you may not get the free repairs you were hoping for!


Peace of mind

Because heat is so important it can become a big worry to have an erratic boiler that you are constantly concerned about. If you have older relatives whose boiler has seen better days, then taking steps to ensure their system is fully functioning should give you peace of mind. Being able to rest easy is extremely important and when it comes to boilers it isn’t just about the heating. Did you know each year in the UK around 50 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of broken and damaged gas appliances and boilers? As well as regular system services that usually take place annually it is crucial to keep a carbon monoxide alarm near your boiler and get it checked often.


Over to you

I hope you have found this post on why you should service your boiler this season to be useful.

Have you had your boiler serviced recently?




Why you Should Service your Boiler this Season? is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on the cost of a new boiler




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