4 Tips for living budget-friendly in China

How to go about living budget-friendly in China

Living budget-friendly in China


Living budget-friendly in China

So, you want to travel through China on a budget and even move there for some time? The good news is that in general, Asia is a great place to save money when traveling long-term, and China is no exception. If you plan to move to China indefinitely or simply travel the country for an extended period of time, there are many different ways to save money which you will likely discover as you go along. To help you save both time and money, we’ve put together some of our top tips for saving money whilst living and traveling in China.

#1. Limit Your Time in the Big Cities:

Undoubtedly, when you first move to China you will want to get out there and see all the biggest landmarks and attractions. X’ian’s Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall in Beijing, and all the amazing things to do in Shanghai are on everybody’s must-see lists. However, anybody moving to or spending some time traveling through China should bear in mind that one fact remains true; just one day in a big city can equal 3-4 days of expenses anywhere else in the country. So, whilst there’s no reason to avoid the cities altogether, it’s a good idea to avoid spending too much time there and plan ahead with spending. Pre-booking your tickets can be a good idea as there are more opportunities to get better deals, while being sure you’re going with an official provider.

#2. Travel by Train:

Wherever you have decided to settle in China, you’re surely going to want to get around and see as much of this amazing country as possible. If you’re going to be traveling around a lot, one sure way to save money is by taking the train instead of flying. Train tickets are often up to 75% cheaper than air fare, and if you’re traveling long-distance, an overnight train means that you’ll also save money on accommodation on the road. And, the best thing is that trains in China are usually quite comfortable, and you can save even more by booking your tickets in advance online.

#3. Keep Your Money Safe:

If you’re going to be living in China for some time, it’s a wise idea to open a bank account with a local bank if possible, to avoid paying bank fees on your account from home. Bear in mind that cash is a necessity in China, so it’s a good idea to open an account with an ATM card which won’t charge you for withdrawals. When you arrive, avoid changing any money at the airport as you’re sure to be hit with the highest exchange rates. Instead, try to change your money before you set off, or seek out a currency exchange elsewhere once you arrive. In addition, it’s also important to keep your cash safe at all times. Pickpocketing is common place across all of China, so try not to carry too much cash with you at one time and don’t leave it at your accommodation if you are staying in a hotel or hostel.

#4. Get Insured:

Last but not least, don’t leave it to chance when it comes to dealing with health problems during your stay in China. Even if you are healthy now, there’s no guarantee that nothing will go wrong; you could develop a health condition or be injured at any time. If you’re traveling long-term, get good travel insurance cover that will pay out for any medical fees. For those planning to live in China as an ex-pat, search health insurance in China to find the best policy for your needs.

Whether you’re traveling the country for a few years or want to live there indefinitely, China is an amazing country that’s great for anybody on a budge

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