4 Tips to Help You Create the Ultimate Photo Wall on a Budget

When it comes to home décor, there are no rules. You can do whatever you please that showcases your style, your passions and makes the home feel comfortable and welcoming. If you feel the current décor is a little lacking and want to add some personal touches while keeping to a tight budget, there’s no better option than a photo wall. A photo wall gives you the ability to swap out the prints as you please and completely customize the space.


Photo Wall on a Budget

If you’re ready to tackle a photo wall on a budget, be sure to use these tips.


Choose the Ideal Photos

The first step will likely be the most time-consuming and that’s to choose the ideal photos to display. Don’t put too much pressure on which pictures you choose to start with, as you can swap them out whenever you want. To help give the photo wall a sense of cohesion, you may want to pick a theme, a certain holiday or event, or even a subject matter.

If you come across photos that you love but aren’t the best quality, try using an online photo enhancer to improve the quality of the image. You can usually fix things such as low lighting, contrast, a shaking camera, sharpness and more.


Frames Don’t Have to Match Up Perfectly

When shopping for photo frames, shake the belief that they all need to be identical. A photo wall can be much more interesting if you use different-sized frames, different styles of frames and both landscape and portrait versions. By taking away the need to have matching frames, it means you can pick up frames whenever you see them at a good price, vintage frames, or even second-hand frames.

For the crafty people out there, you can also paint frames that you find for a good price. You can make them good as new, and match perfectly with your home décor without overspending. Don’t forget to also use a creative layout when hanging the frames.


Skip the Frames and Opt for a Hanging Cork Board

Even when you manage to find photo frames at a good price, they can still be expensive. If that makes the idea of a photo wall too far out of the budget, skip the frames completely and opt for pin-up art on a hanging cork board. Once again, you can shop at a thrift store, and then pick up some decorative pins. This solution can also be ideal for smaller spaces where you can’t dedicate a full wall to photo frames.


There’s Nothing Wrong with Building the Gallery Over Time

The final tip is to show patience. If you can only afford to frame a few photos to begin with, that’s fine. You can add to the gallery over time as your budget permits.

By the time you finish with your photo wall, it will be the highlight of your home. Photo walls not only add to the décor, but they provide the personal touch that may currently be missing.


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