5 clever DIY tips to affordably insulate your home

Are you looking for clever DIY tips to affordably insulate your home? If you are then look no further as I have some great ideas for you here today. You truly can save money on your bills without having to be freezing cold or pay for solar panels. 


DIY tips to affordably insulate your home

There are many options in your budget and, and you really can DIY them. Let’s take a look: 



Secondary Glazing

Rather than pay for double glazing which takes both time and money you can opt for secondary glazing and simply do it yourself.  In layman’s terms Secondary glazing is an extra window that you simply mount on top of existing window for extra insulation. It is also a brilliant way to add an extra layer pf protection and sound proofing to your windows.It is  recommended to  instal secondary glazing with glazing clips if possible so it can be easily removed for cleaning.

Have a look here to find out more about secondary glazing where you can purchase it and how it works  plus how very easy it is to fit. They even have a step by step instruction video to help you with installation. 


Draught Proofing

Chilly air coming in and heat escaping is frustrating and a waste of your money and makes for a cold home. Foam strips, draft excluder snakes, brushes in your letter box and chimney balloons all prevent cold air rushing in.

These are simple DIY solutons and usually come with self-adhesive strips. They are cheap and impactful and a worthwhile investment of juts a little time and money. 


DIY tips to affordably insulate your home

Thermal curtains or blinds to affordably insulate your home

Thermal curtains or blinds are easy to fit and not too pricey yet their ability to maintain the heat in a room is really valuable. A speedy and simple home insulating solution. 



Boiler jackets

A simple jacket for your boiler is an inexpensive buy but an effective one poorly insulated hot water tank will loses heat fast, so requires  more energy to make more hot water. Fitting a hot water cylinder jacket is  simple to do and only costs about £20.


affordably insulate your home


Flooring Fillers

If you have a draughty floor you might want to consider

  • plugging the holes with filler and
  • using rugs
  • Getting underlay for your carpet
  • or investing in a cosy pair of slippers.

These are all quick fixes that will help you affordably insulate your floor (or feet) with no fuss



Final thoughts

There is SO much you can do by yourself to affordably insulate your home – where are you going to start?


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