5 effective ways to stop smoking

 I have  5 effective ways to stop smoking  for you today When it comes to stopping smoking there are almost as many solutions as there are cigarette brands. Yet despite this people still struggle- at a huge cost to both their pocket and to there health.

So what can be done to break this highly addictive habit?


effective ways to stop smoking

5 effective ways to stop smoking

Here are some things you could try? Whether you see them through is really up to you and how much you want to stop smoking.

  1. Any change of habit or direction in your life has to come with a crystal clear goal and reason for eating that goal. Writing down what you want to achieve and why reinforces and cements your vision. Take some time to sit down and cleary write what you want to achieve in regard to smoking and all the positive benefits. Keep your goal and your reasons in a notebook that is to hand and refer to it often if you waiver.
  2. Many people try vaping as a way of kicking the habit and it is increasingly popular. In fact, Vaping is expected to take over smoking in the future as more & more people make the switch. Aspire eCig UK is a worldwide brand really popular with people trying to give up smoking, Have a look at the website to see their range of products. It has less harmful risks than smoking and a cost that is 80% lower than buying a packet of cigarettes – wow!
  3. Change your mind about smoking by really educating yourself about why it is so bad for you. Just know the grim and gruesome details rather than a vague ‘ it’s not healthy’ can really have an impact. Have a look at the British Lung Foundation for a clear explamantion.
  4. Work out how much you are spending on smoking each day/week and year. Project that over the next 10 yyears. Just no! There is a calculator here that makes it simple…I know you will be shocked!
  5. Search google images with the phrase the impact of smoking the images will absolutely shock you and some of us responds much more to the visual than to the written word

I hope these have all helped. I smoked for a long time and stopped when I was pregnant. I will be honest and say I found it incredibly difficult and I cannot in all good conscience tell you this won’t be tough. But being informed and self-aware, having a clear vision, an alternative to smoking and lots and lots of support will send you on that good journey. You will reap the benefits of this, you will not only be healthier and richer but you will also smell better, be less irritable, not cause damage to others by passive smoking and you will free up time too! (an added and unexpected bonus of not smoking!

I wish you the very best of luck.

I hope 5 effective ways to stop smoking proves effective for you!


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  1. August 9, 2018 / 12:16

    Hey Becky,

    Loved the post and another option you can add what my family used to do with me when I was trying to stop smoking. they kept making me realize about it. Which helped me a lot.

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