5 Family Friendly Fashion Trends for Spring 2023

The new year has been rung in for the world of fashion, and the runways have already produced some of this coming year’s most fashionable trends. As always, not all runway items may be appropriate for a family viewing, but there are plenty of trends that can be incorporated for the entire family.


Colour of the Year: Cobalt blue

Fashion magazine Glamour has proudly announced that this year’s colour with be just as powerful as last year’s fuchsia: namely cobalt blue. This is an intense, deep blue shade that goes well with any skin tone and style. A bold blue one shoulder top for spring from NA-KD can make any day feel like a Friday. Fun fact: NA-KD’s tops use recycled materials and organic cotton to make sure your outfit is top class in all respects.


Fashion Trends for Spring 2023


Accessory of the Year: The Big Bag

No matter if you are a mom of three or a three-year-old child, a big bag can always come in handy. Whether you are getting ready to go to a sleepover, a playground, or the swimming pool, you can still get the whole family trendy with a big bag. Oversized was the statement piece on several runways, including Loewe and Bottega Veneta. With a bag like this, you don’t have to worry about not fitting those extra pairs of pants on a rainy day.


Fabrics of the Year: Sheer and Leather

As always, the runways were not dominated by one fabric or another, but rather a mishmash of materials and styles. However, two types of fabrics stood out amongst the various brands, and these were the Romeos and Juliets of the fashion industry: sheer and leather. The runways liked to do both full on sheer and layered sheer fabrics to create a sensory journey, which was nicely contrasted with the rider biker style of leather jackets. For a fun day out, these can either be mixed or worn separately in style for a chic look.


Patterns of the Year: Knitted or Blurred

The homemade trend from last year is still highly relevant, as experts predict that knitted, crocheted, and cobweb patterns will still run hot in 2023. Weather as bags, dresses, or tops, this style is easily coupled with pretty much any other style of clothing. For those who want something less itchy, the blurred prints are also high on the list. These smooth mixes act as a classier form of tie-dye and produces a clothing piece that tells a story of its own. This is also a greatly compatible with most other styles.


Fashion Trends for Spring 2023


Details of the Year: Florals and Fringes

Lastly, let’s approach the details on this year’s trends. There are mainly two types of details that stand out: florals and fringes. The floral details have mainly appeared on tops and chest pieces, and are often larger in size, although they can also be incorporated in the fabric. The second detail is the comeback of the fringe. Fringes on pants, dresses, tops, and bags will all come in handy this year to add some jazz to your style. An honourable mention goes out to the heart-shapes, which are also arguably on the board for this year’s fashionistas.



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