School Summer Holiday Hacks To save You Money

School Summer holiday hacks

The school holidays are looming and have you started to worry about how much they are going to cost you? For many people, it can be such a worry, how to afford childcare, how to afford to entertain the kids?  Well, fear not, I shared a few frugal holiday hacks last week and I have some more for you today.



School Summer Holiday Hacks

  1. Book in playdates. These will often be reciprocated so you actually get 2 days of entertainment for the effort of one contact. Playdates are by far the cheapest way to entertain your kids, depending on their age you can pretty much leave them to it. Most kids of all ages love to hang out with each, show each other their toys, make up games etc. Perfect. But get them booked in quick so you dont miss out!
  2.  Get your bikes roadworthy and try as much a possible to leave your car at home, If you arent a biking type of family why not explore a family bus pass, Travelling by bus can be lots of fun and a cheaper option ( and there is always a walk!)
  3. Hit your local library, they will have a reading scheme, events and a billion books to borrow the best free resource in town!
  4. Get your kids involved in everyday life and have a few projects up your sleeve. They could be involved with painitng an old bench, paying at the shops, helping you make lunches, doing a batch of baking, making their own ice lollies, vacuuming. It will keep them busy and teach them some life skills too ( as well as help you out.) Most kids love washing the car and this is a fab activity for a sunny day, plus it will save you money too.
  5. Do nothing with your kids,..literally schedule in free time ie. they have to entertain themselves. You an help them come up with ideas pre that time but after that its up to them. After all that’s how we were raised isn’t it? Huge chunks of time entertaining ourselves and that is often the time the very best of games are invented.

Hope these school summer holiday hacks help!


Even more School Summer Holiday Hacks To save You Money 

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School Summer Holiday Hacks To save You Money



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