5 frugal tips for a cottage holiday on a budget

Today we are looking at how to have a cottage holiday on a budget

Hello everyone and welcome to these weeks 5 frugal things.  I’ve had a good week and managed to save some money despite taking a little trip. We spent a few days in a lovely cottage and in Winterton on sea and I thought I would share with you ways to save money when you are on a cottage holiday on a budget.


cottage holiday on a budget   

How to have a cottage holiday on a budget

1. When staying in a cottage it can be really tempting to just pop out to a local pub or eatery instead of doing the cooking yourself. However, this can add hugely to the cost of your holiday and it is well worth taking the food you’re going to eat.  You might feel that this is your holiday so e why should you cook?

But if you really think about easy and lovely meals that you could have whilst away they could still be a lovely treat. Maybe you could treat yourself to packages like dining in for £10 from Marks & Spencer saving money on a meal out but still having a lovely treat.

2. You might think when staying at a cottage you need to take absolutely everything food-wise with you, say a box of tea bags, sugar, salt et cetera et cetera and it can become a little pricey /fiddly to pack up for your cottage stay especially if you are buying new rather than raiding your pantry. But I would say wait until you get there, many cottages provide these things and you’ll find there are oil and seasoning, ketchup, washing powder, dishwasher tablets and other bits and bobs there from previous vacationers or they may have also been left by the cottage owners.

Taking a few small items from home just to get you started, a little bag of teabags little bit of sugar and maybe some coffee and a tiny pint of milk might be a really good idea too.



More tips for a cottage holiday on a budget

3. When you go for days out from your cottage it is a really good idea to pack up a picnic each day s do take p water bottle and lunch bags/picnic basket with you.  this can save you a fortune and can be loads of fun if you’re out in a forest of wood or on the beach. If you are worried that sounds lots of hard work that might spoil your holiday make sure you rope in the entire family so everyone does their share.

4. Cottage holiday sounds delightful but if the weather is rubbish you can find yourself a little isolated and unsure of what to do. Rather than spending your money visiting fancy attractions to take the edge off the boredom, I suggest you pack board games card games and books with you so you can still have relaxing quality time without spending a great deal of money.

5. Last but not least take a look at my post on 50 things to do on a beach – you absolutely do not need the sun to make the most of the coast. We didn’t have sunshine in the sky but we had it in our hearts as we paddled played catch and cricket and so on. Just lovely

 I hope you have found these tips on how to have a cottage holiday on a budget to be useful




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Do you have any tips for a cottage holiday on a budget to share?

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