5 Golden Rules of Black Friday

The 5 Golden Rules of Black Friday require you to think a little about what kind of shopper you are, alternatives, temptation, repurcussions and marketing. Just pause and have a ponder round these 5 areas before spending. 


5 Golden Rules of Black Friday

Some things to think about today.


What kind of shopper are you? 

Oh Black Friday what do you do to people.

Savvy shoppers will know exactly what they are after and get themselves a great deal (perhaps) 

The rest of us …well we could well end up buy a bunch fo stuff we do now need. Please check my shopping list before you do anything at all 


Golden Rules of Black Friday



Could you maybe do one of these things instead of spend?


Golden Rules of Black Friday





Debt is a horrible experience and whilst the temptation to buy above your means  is sometimes strong  you have to try and take the long view…is it really worth it.

I am writing a book at the moment and it requires to take a lot of photos. This is how I am trying to justify a new phone. But current phone takes lovely photos.

Am I  always going to yearn for something better? 

It is good to be satisfied and juts crack on with things sometimes isn’t it.



And have you thought if you spend money you don’t have what are the repercussions. A nice trinket sure but also but also stress, worry, inability to pay for other things..?  It is always worth thinking through repercussions when you take a chance otherwise you really and truly can get bitten (Oh don’t I know this!)



Marketing is geared up to make you think you a getting s great deal and an amazing bargain because the seller WANTS YOUR MONEY


There you go the 5 golden rules of Black Friday – are you following them today?


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