5 Best Hacks for a Stress-Free Moving Experience

Are you looking for a Stress-Free Moving Experience?


5 Hacks for a Stress-Free Moving Experience


5 Hacks for a Stress-Free Moving Experience

Are you looking for hacks for a stress-free moving experience?

Moving to a new place can be exciting. This is true if you are moving to a new city, with new activities, work, and friends. The only thing, however, that’s less fun is moving your stuff from your old home to the new one.


hacks for a stress-free moving experience

You cannot delay the entire moving process for the moving day. In fact, most people underestimate the process and keep procrastinating until the Big Day. Remember, this will only worsen things.

Between packing and moving, everything is a task which requires proper planning. To help you get started, here are some tricks for stress-free moving.


  1. Prepare a moving kit

It’s time to prioritize so pack personal essentials in a bag and set it aside. Not everything needs to be boxed up. If you box your personal moving-day belongings too, you need to unpack in your new home right away.

This can be too tiring and difficult to deal with. Your personal bag should include toiletries, trash bags, as well as tools and accessories you need to unpack the boxes, cleaning supplies, and a change of clothes.

Call this your ‘moving kit’. Include everything you will need right away so you don’t have to open boxes in your new home.


  1. Packing supplies

You don’t have to buy boxes or storage containers. Try to save as much money as you can on such things, so you have a bigger budget for residential movers.

Instead of buying boxes, ask your family and friends for help. If someone you know moved recently, ask them if they can lend you the boxes they have. You can also ask your local convenience or grocery stores for spare boxes to pack your stuff.

Have a creative approach to packing. If you have suitcases, decorative baskets, hampers, and even dresser drawers, use them for moving your things. Using such items to carry your stuff will save you from getting chin-deep in cardboard boxes.

Avoid trash bags to pack your belongings. They can be mistaken for garbage.

  1. De-clutter before packing for Stress-Free Moving Experience

It is natural to hold on to things even if they are no longer important. For example, you will have empty jars and bottles for DIY projects or magazines for the latest fashion trends. There’s nothing wrong with collecting things you like but when you are moving, this could cost you a great deal.

The idea is to de-clutter before you are ready to move. Get rid of anything you find unnecessary. Or you will end up paying more money to the movers or buying more boxes to pack the stuff that’s not even important.

Separate all the unwanted items and dump what cannot be used. If you have sellable items you don’t want to take to your new home, sell them to make money. Set up a garage sale for all these items before your moving day. You can even give away items to friends and family and de-clutter before you are ready to move.


Stress-Free Moving Experience


  1. Label your boxes/suitcases

Keeping a specific approach and organizing your packed stuff can save you a lot of hassle. Once everything is packed, number the carriers and use a notepad to write all the items you have placed in each box. Try to add as much detail as possible to stay on track.

This approach is not only great when you are packing things but also works well when you are unpacking. You can place the boxes or carriers in the respective room.

For example, boxes with kitchen supplies can be positioned in the kitchen. Numbering your packed items is also a great way to ensure all the things are accounted for. If anything goes missing, you will know what you lost.

To make the task more interesting and creative, assign a color to each room in your new home and label the boxes accordingly. Before you are set to move, you can guide the movers about where to place the boxes according to the colored stickers on top. This will further save you the hassle of placing the boxes in the respective rooms by yourself.



  1. Keep important stuff with yourself

You can hire trustworthy movers, but keep the very important stuff with yourself. Money, documents, jewelry, other valuable items, and items close to your heart should be your responsibility. You don’t want to risk such items getting stolen or lost.

Pack it with your essential moving kit and keep it with yourself somewhere safe. Once other items reach the new destination, take these items safely with yourself.


Conclusion on a Stress-Free Moving Experience

Be specific with your approach. Plan instead of delaying things for the last minute. Create the ultimate relocation checklist to plan a hassle-free move. Last, make sure you hire a reliable moving company to ensure the safety of your items during transit. Working with the right people will ensure a stress-free move!


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