5 Hobbies You Could Make A Little Money From

5 Hobbies You Could Make A Little Money From


Right now, making money is the topic on everybody’s lips. Gone are the days where you have to spend your life working for someone else just to get by. It’s totally viable to start your own business doing something you love, or even enjoy a little money on the side from doing it in your spare time. So if you’ve always wanted to earn some extra cash alongside your regular income, or even try to start a business in your spare time, now could be the time – especially if you have a hobby. Because these days, you can easily make money from something you enjoy doing. And we’re going to take a look at five you can do exactly that with.



When you love to write, you often enjoy filling your evenings and weekends with your own ramblings. From journaling and documenting your thoughts to writing fiction and even crafting up articles, there’s a lot of different writing forms that you might enjoy – and can also make money from. Whether you choose to set up a blog that you then go on to monetize, or you give freelance writing a go, it’s quite easy to get yourself set up and reading to make some extra cash for the words you write.





If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you may love to spend your time baking. So much so, that you then shower your friends and family with more sweet treats than they can eat. But why not think about turning this into a business venture? If you’re good, you may even find that your friends and family can recommend you to their friends and family, and before long, you may be getting in orders for custom made cakes or event catering. But you won’t know until you try.



What about photography? If you’re a shutterbug and you can’t go anywhere without snapping away at pretty scenes and perfect shots, then you may want to try your hand at cashing in on your passion. There are lots of ways that you can make money from photography too, so you don’t always have to set up a formal photography studio to make this work if you don’t want to.





Maybe you’re a bit of a petrol head? When you love cars, you may find that you spend your spare time fixing them up. So why not make some money at the same time? Okay, so you are going to need to get some motor trade insurance to do this, to make sure you’re protected, but it will be worth it. You could then get into car repairs, offer valeting, or even buy and sell old cars for a profit too.



And if you love a certain sport, you could definitely turn this into your own business venture too. Maybe you were really successful in your youth, and you’re qualified and trained in your chosen sport too? Why not think about coaching on the weekends, or offering private tuition? You could even start your own school in the future too.



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