5 Home Gadget Trends This Year

Today –  5 Home Gadget Trends This Year

Home Gadget Trends

Home Gadget Trends This Year

Welcome to a new decade where everything is being taken over by electronics. Money and electronics rule the world. Where would we even be if the power went out for any long period of time. Everyone is always looking for the new and coming piece of technology. There is a drive to keep up with the times. What are some of the newest things coming out in 2020? From the electronic trashcan to the driver less car be prepared for these new gadgets that the changing of decade is bringing.


The Home Hub

Have you ever wished for an assistant but then remembered your a stay at home mom. the home hub is the newest and best assistant you could ever ask for. The home hub basically does everything. It can be programmed to turn on the T.V. or even turn on the heat. It also can be paired with Alexa and other assistance programs such as Cortana. Depending on the brand you get depends on the types of programs they can run. The home hub can also be simply used as a tablet so you can download your latest recipes or email your husband at work. A home hub can be helpful in your day to day because you can make a list with simply your voice. Or turn the heat up with the push of a button. Trust the home hub to be in the middle of everything for you on the daily.


Transitional TV

Do you use your T.V. to mirror your other phone programs. A lot of people mirror their phones and computers on their television. Phones can also be used in conjunction with a television to play programs like hulu and spotify. But a television screen is 40 to 60 inches wide. Some televisions even larger than that. And your cell phone is nearly two inches wide. Everything gets distorted. Luckily, in Japan they are coming out with a new television that can be turned sideways. Electronically it turns itself vertical when it senses you switching to cell phone use. Eliminating any distortion from happening.



Hydra Loop

Water and earth conservation has become popular especially among the millennials. Everyone is always looking for a new and improved way to save the world. The hydro loop is an approximately 4000 dollar piece of equipment that does just that. It recycles about 80 percent of the water utilized by your home. From toilet water to sink water it filters and cleans the water and sends it back into utilization. Want to save a few bucks, more like a few hundred bucks, on your water bill. Consider the hydra loop. It is among the techiest and greenest gadgets that 2020 will offer.


Kitchen Devices

The kitchen gadgets were definitely the most prominent in 2020. It seems like everyone is looking for a way to save you time and money in the kitchen. The air fryer is making a significant come back. It is a healthier way to prepare delicious foods. People are looking for a new and improved way to make food with less calories. Another prominent kitchen gadget was the insta pot. Its original debut was highly tarnished by fears that the lid actually exploded off. There were numerous law suits and sales massively declined. But the new and improved version offers a safer lid and many more options. The instapot can do everything from saute to slow cook and pressure cook.



Smart Home Security Cameras

In a study done in 2018 Gadgetsspy Explains that nannys and home caretakers preform much better when made aware of the fact that a house has cameras installed.

These days its becoming more and more common to see home camera solutions popping up. One of the bigger advances include home cameras that are as small as a pair of dice and can be configured to hide inside plants or other household items to make sure your home is protected while you are away.



The turn of the decade brings more and more techy gadgets to the fore front. With everyone looking for a more convenient way to do things 2020 is sure to bring more technology and more cool gadgets forward. For example, the self driving car. This is a safer and simpler way to travel. It even parallel pars for you. And the kitchen is the hot spot for tech savvy people. With things such as air fryers and even electronic lists it is getting simpler and simpler to maintain a home. Along with that now you can scroll your Insta on your t.v. without any distortion thanks to the rotating vertical television. And save on your water bill with the hydra loop. Welcome to 2020 with the latest and greatest tech gadgets.



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