5 Hot Trends in Internal Glazed Doors

Today – 5 Hot Trends in Internal Glazed Doors

To keep your home in style and up to date, you must regularly inform yourself of what’s new. You know all about internal glazed doors, and the benefits they have for users. They make your room more spacious and lighter while giving it that modern look. But what’s new in the world of glazed doors?


Trends in Internal Glazed Doors

In this guide, we take a look at the hottest trends right now for internal glazed doors, and how you can elevate the look of your home with these highly functional pieces.

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Trends in Internal Glazed Doors


  1. 1. White Molded Smooth Bruges Internal Glazed Doors

If you’re looking for what’s hot and trending in internal glazed doors, these doors are for you. The LDP Grey Molded Smooth Bruges 6L offers six glazed lights that are clear and can allow for optimum light transfer. They are made with safety glazing and available for use in all internal areas, including dining rooms, living rooms, hallways, and kitchens.

They have a primed finish, perfect for your office meeting rooms and corridors as well.

FSC certified you can’t go wrong with these.

  1. Room Divider Black Soho Internal Glazed Door

The LPD Room divider Black Soho W8 is an eight-foot-wide full room divider set to add a new unique design to your home. They offer a modernist style approach and feature unique beadings that form the cubist pattern. They are a versatile piece and able to work well in your dining room, kitchen, and halls. They are perfect for commercial use as well, your office rooms and corridors.

They have an engineered solid core and FSC certified and will last you many years to come.


  1. Pearl Grey Vancouver Internal Glazed Doors

The Pearl Grey Vancouver Glazed door is a stylish and modern looking piece. It is a full length clear glazed panel with safety glazing. It features raised moulding on both sides and perfect for your living room area. The door is prefinished and ready to hang.


  1. Chocolate Grey Inlay Internal Glazed Door

The LPD Chocolate grey inlay is a full length clear glazed door with safety glazing. It has raised moulding on both sides with a light grey inlay border. It is perfect for all uses, home, and commercial. You can expect this piece to look good in your living room and kitchen as well as your office rooms and corridors. It is also available in Oak Veneer, and with an engineered composite core you can rely on its durability to last you for years.


  1. Black Greenwich Internal Glazed Door

The internal glazed door features a fully customized art deco style setup with contemporary glazed panel styling. This door looks very futuristic, perfect for the modern home setup. It has a black prime finish on solid pine and engineered composite for extra durability. It is also available in various widths and as room divider sets.



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