5 Household Outgoings That Can Be Easily Reduced

Household Outgoings That Can Be Easily Reduced

Are you looking for Household Outgoings That Can Be Easily Reduced?

It’s always good every so often to have a look at your household outgoings and see where you can make some savings. There are always ways that some fat can be trimmed from the budget if you are willing to put in a little bit of time and effort and know where to look. Let’s see where we can make some of these small changes and how it can help your family budget.


The big grocery shop is one area where it is so easy to overspend, from impulse buys to just buying expensive ready meals or take-aways most of us waste a reasonable amount on food but there are ways to reduce this waste. Firstly buy locally sourced, in season produce and you can save a load of money this way, it’s amazing how much cheaper this kind of food is and has lower air miles as well so it’s good for the environment. If you cook your own food from scratch then you can save a huge amount on expensive and unhealthy pre-packaged ready meals, which are surprisingly high in salt, sugar and fat meaning you’re not only saving money you are looking after your families health as well.

Gas & Electricity

There are a lot of saving to be made from your gas and electricity, firstly the well promoted change your supplier, which is always true but there are other considerations to be made as well, especially these days when climate change is in the news so much and is something we really need to consider, meaning electric over gas most likely but you can save money with electric heating as well. Consider getting solar panels that can generate free electricity and at peak times you can even sell back to grid reducing your bills further.

Car Costs

You should be mindful that cars are expensive we all know this and we can make a huge amount of savings where vehicles are concerned (source – Intelligent Car Leasing). Think about how often you use the car and can you cut down on this, which trips could you easily walk or car share? If you are finding you successfully are limiting the amount of trips then you could even eliminate that 2nd or 3rd car form the household.


It is no surprise that insurance companies rely on us automatically renewing and therefore end up paying more year on year. Don’t be caught out with this scheme and make sure you know all of you renewal dates and shop around to ensure you are getting the best deals for your current situation.

Social Life

How often do you go for a night out? Is it really necessary, you can easily save money by socialising at home, with the price of drinks in a bar these days why not have a night in and even invite some friends round, this way you can still have an active social life at a fraction of the cost.


Household Outgoings That Can Be Easily Reduced


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  1. May 9, 2019 / 16:41

    When I started saving money I cut off my social events just like the article says. Not goin for a beer, lunch at restaurant or concert saved me few pounds each week.

  2. May 27, 2019 / 08:59

    Even I am also planning to install solar panels t home. That way we can save the electricity bill as well as it is beneficial for nature also. And we can save that money for something more important thing. Thanks and keep sharing!

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