5 New Normal Home Décor Hacks

Lets take a look at some new normal home decor hacks

Along with ‘unprecedented’ and ‘lockdown’, ‘new normal’ is a term that’s been bandied about by the media so much over the past year or so that it’s seared itself into the collective consciousness.

Pandemic cliches continue to emerge thick and fast, but this one has some substance. After all, it’s certain that life and work will change forever, and we’ll have to adapt rapidly to make the best of things.

But one place where the new normal is opening up opportunities is the home  ̶  with boundaries blurring between life and work and many of us prioritising mental as well as physical health, creating homes designed for life is top of the to-do list for many of us.

So without further ado, here are five new normal décor hacks to transform your home.


  1. Terrarium

Plants have undoubted benefits for health and wellbeing  ̶  as well as purifying the air, their presence is peaceful and calming.

However, place them inside one of these Waitrose terrariums and your household serenity reaches another dimension. Whether they’re bell jar designs that sit suavely on shelves or dangle delightfully from ceilings like miniature hanging gardens of Babylon, they’re just brilliant!


  1. Hot tub

Does it look like you’ll continue to work from home post-pandemic?

If so, one wonderful way to set yourself up for a superb day at work and reward yourself at ‘close of play’ is by taking a dip in a hot tub. After all, climbing into the water’s luxurious warmth is very cathartic indeed.


  1. Inspirational doors

Another way to transform your household feng shui is by replacing or even just repainting some of your domestic doors.

A brighter colour such as yellow creates an instant positive aura for those entering your front door. Or for something a little different, why not fit a solid model from Oakwood Doors to your home office and paint it to look like No. 10 Downing Street? This type of kitsch refurbishment is sure to make everyone smile!


  1. Conversation pit

If you’re remodelling your living room, why not create a conversation pit?

These stylish sunken social areas feature in slick period dramas like Mad Men and (subject to your local distancing rules) can really make a party swing!

If you like the sound of this groovy idea, search online for inspiration and seek help from a local designer.

  1. Garden office

There’s no denying that working from home isn’t a bed of roses for everyone. And of you’ve got no choice, making it work while maintaining some semblance of regular family life can be very tough.

However, a garden office studio from the likes of Eurocell might be the perfect compromise  ̶  you’re close enough to home to pop inside for breaks and to pitch in with childcare, but there’s a boundary that helps you maintain the right mindset for work.

These five new normal home décor hacks should set up your home for a brand new era  ̶  pick your favourites and have fun making them work for you!


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