5 quick & thrifty lipstick tips

Thrifty Lipstick Tips




Thrifty lipstick tips

1.    Lipstick can be used up to 2 years,(make sure it smells and looks okay and is covered) You can make all your  beauty products last longer by putting the lids back securely and  keeping them air tight.

2.    When you only have tiny bit left don’t just throw it out instead scrape it into a container for later. An empty, clean eye shadow pot is perfect. You could mix different shades to make your own colours.

3.    Try adding just a little foundation to your cheeks and then rub your finger across the side of the lipstick and onto the cheek where the foundation is. You will have perfect matching blusher and just one product purchased!

4.    Lip gloss works the same way as lipstick and will last up to 2 years.  But if you run out why not add a little Vaseline to the leftover lipstick that you have saved. If it doesn’t blend together well you can put it in a microwave safe container and heat it up for a few seconds till it does.

5.    Before putting on your lipstick, try dusting your lips with baby powder. Apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue, and you will find that your lipstick will stay on a lot longer

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Thrifty lipstick tips for the win!


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