5 great reasons to choose a double ended bath

Perfect to enjoy alone or with a partner, double ended baths are the perfect addition to both modern and traditional bathroom suites. Regardless of the size of your suite, they offer you a spacious bathing experience, allowing you to completely unwind and relax after a hard day in the comfort and luxury of your own home.


Reasons to choose a double ended bath

1.       Space

The most obvious reason to invest in a double ended bath is the added space to relax in when bathing. The double slope design offers add space to stretch out, or alternatively the perfect setting for a romantic night in. Gone are the days of leaning back onto uncomfortable protruding points of the bath taps, instead relax and unwind on the perfectly angled gentle slopes of a double ended bath.

reasons to choose a double ended bath



2.       Reasons to choose a double ended bath – Style

Double ended baths certainly do add a sense of luxurious style to the bathroom, with their classic, elegant design. Perfect for both modern and more traditional bathrooms, these baths fit nicely into every rest room setting without taking up much more space than the standard bath. The double ended design means that ideally, one edge of the bath should be against a wall to ensure that your chosen bath taps can be easily fitted, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case as there is a wide range of floor standing taps available on the bathroom market also.

3.       Size

Double ended baths also come in a wide range of sizes to suit every bathroom environment. Whether you plan to use your double ended bath as the centrepiece of your rest room to add a real ‘wow’ factor, or instead are looking for one to replace a standard bath that will fit perfectly along one wall of the room, there is the right size and shape for you and your home.

4.       Accessibility

Another benefit of this model of bath is that they are the perfect bathing area for every member of the family. The added space and comfort means that it’s suitable for adults, children and the elderly too. This makes it a popular choice for people of all ages who are looking for a bath that will last the test of time.

5.       Choice

As well as a range of sizes to choose from, there is also various styles and designs to suit your bathroom best. A cast iron double ended bath is the perfect addition to a classic bathroom aiming for traditional, style, whereas an acrylic double ended bath a great addition to a modern bathroom looking to achieve a contemporary feel with a touch of vintage charm. The one you choose will strongly depend on the existing décor of your bathroom and the style which you wish to achieve.


reasons to choose a double ended bath

There is an extensive range of double ended baths to suit your requirements, whether you prefer a spacious bathe alone or would enjoy the intimacy of bathing with a partner, a double ended bath offers a unique bathing experience to be enjoyed time and time again. Whether you’re relaxing after a rough day or starting the day with a gentle soak, these baths are perfect for your lifestyle and home.


reasons to choose a double ended bath is a guest post from the Victorian Bath Company




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