5 Reasons Why Families Should Buy a Mesh Wi-Fi System

Families often face the issues of dead zones and buffering issues, especially those with multiple household members. Traditional WiFi routers often struggle to provide seamless and smooth internet coverage throughout the house and this is where a mesh WiFi system comes into play, offering a simple and easy solution to all connectivity issues that families face. Let us explore some compelling reasons that explain why families should buy a mesh Wi-Fi system.


Mesh Wi-Fi System

1. Can Accommodate Multiple Devices

For families with multiple members and devices, mesh WiFi systems are probably the best option because these systems can accommodate multiple devices without the network getting congested or not. With most wireless routers, connecting multiple devices to the network simultaneously will slow down the internet connection, but not with a Mesh WiFi system, which makes it the ideal choice for families.

Mesh WiFi system enables you to connect multiple devices to the network simultaneously without a complaint of slow internet. Even if the network does get overwhelmed by devices, a Mesh WiFi system has multiple nodes or access points and automatically switches to a different node that is not crowded without any connection drop.


2. Easy Network Management

Having a wireless router or system with easy network management is important because it allows you to easily manage the settings of your WiFi network without many technicalities. When it comes to Mesh WiFi systems, you can manage your network quite easily because these systems have dedicated mobile apps that allow you to configure the settings of the router and network directly from your mobile phone.

Right from the mobile app, you can configure all the settings of the network without having to visit the admin interface through a web browser. This makes mesh WiFi systems an optimal choice for home networks for families. EE Smart Hub is a great example of a router with easy network management that allows users to configure the settings of the network without any hassle.


3. Extended Coverage

When it comes to coverage around the house, traditional routers come no way near Mesh WiFi systems. To extend the coverage of traditional routers, you need WiFi extenders that can extend the coverage of the network but that is not the case with Mesh WiFi systems. Mesh WiFi systems have multiple access points or nodes that allow you to change and extend the coverage of the network any time you want to. 

You just need to add new nodes to the network and that will extend the coverage throughout the house, ensuring smooth connectivity. With mesh WiFi systems, you don’t need to worry about weak signals or dead spots in your house because you can add an additional node in each area and extend the coverage.


4. Advanced Security and Control Features

Mesh WiFi systems also have security features that suit the network needs of families. A mesh WiFi system allows you to control how people access the internet on your network by allowing you to create a guest profile and a guest network for all the visitors that you have. You can also control how children are using the Internet on the network through parental control features. 

Just log into Vodafone router or access the settings of the mesh network through the mobile app to get access to these management features. These features make it easy to manage the network and how the internet is being used by users on the network. 


5. Resistant to Common Problems

Since most families are not familiar with the technicalities associated with routers and networks, a mesh WiFi system is the perfect choice for families because it is resistant to common problems. Even if a problem does arise such as one of the nodes malfunctions, then the network has the ability to use other nodes and maintain network continuity without any disruption. Plus, the fault identification in mesh networks is straightforward which makes it ideal for families.


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