5 reasons why you should Spring Clean

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Spring Cleaning Infographic from SpaceWays

I know the very thought of Spring Cleaning can make people groan. Particularly if you have kids.  Particularly if your house is full of stuff and the thought of deep cleaning those cupboards makes you want to cry. But nevertheless I really think you should definitely Spring Clean there are some amazing benefits.

Here are my top five reasons to Spring Clean.

1. It’s such a work out..bending, stretching , lifting, moving, carrying, shifting, mopping, on the go…it will certainly help you get into shape for summer and costs far less than rejoining the gym! Plus, it’s much cosier working out indoors than jogging in those April showers.

2. Because you don’t have to do much thinking as you Spring Clean and it’s more physical labour, you can actually just rest your mind and go with the flow…you might even find it relaxing. Sometimes it is nice to just zone out for a while and let your mind have a bit of a break. I know I don’t do this enough.

3. It is the perfect excuse to listen to all YOUR favourite music after all it’s you doing the work. Line up the tunes and take a trip down memory lane. You might end up dancing instead of cleaning but it will be fun!

4. It is a great chance to declutter as you clean which will make your house so much better organized and easy to manage. You might find a few hidden treasures too and this could lead to a little extra cash from ebay or a boost for your local charity shop. Last time I Spring Cleaned I found a little stash of Christmas gifts I had hidden and had forgotten about…oops!

5. The results of course! Your home will smell, look and be clean and fresh and this will make you feel really happy. It costs nothing but effort and the results really will be worthwhile.

Happy Spring Cleaning all!




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  1. June 1, 2015 / 15:35

    I really like the infographic! Spring cleaning helps us fall in love with our homes. Spring cleaning makes things fresh clean and de cluttered ready for the sunnier days. It might be a bit of an effort but we all know it is worth it, right?

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