5 simple steps to a Money-Saving Mindset

Money-Saving Mindset


Money-Saving Mindset


A money-saving mindset

It is hard when money is tight to enthusiastically embrace these steps to a money-saving mindset but actually it is when it is most needed. You may feel like you just want a treat and everything a bit miserable so why should you deprive your self more but actually. This is when you really need to think.

If you want to shop – STOP!

You would be far better taking a peek at my best books on happiness post than purchasing anything today!

Here are 5 steps to a money-saving mindset.. 5 things I have been trying to put into practice lately as my income has halved in the current situation. I absolutely have to focus on having a Money-Saving Mindset


5 steps to a money-saving mindset

  1. Give your self time to think
  2. Take the long view
  3. Think about alternatives to shopping
  4. Find other ways to treat yourself
  5. Be thankful



a money-saving mindset

Money-Saving Mindset

Step by step money-saving mindset activities

  1.  Rather than saying yes then regretting it, I am practising my Money-Saving Mindset with the words ‘let me get back to you’ to give myself time to think about how to phrase the No, thank you I need to be saying more I need to say no to myself too and learn to avoid spending money unnecessarily
  2. I need to think about being debt-free and having savings in the long term. My kids will both be heading out in the world int he next 6 years and I totally want to be able to support them. it is time to save.
  3. I need to think about embracing my anti-shopping list principles. In fact, I think I should print this list out and keep it on my fridge
  4. There are a billion ways to treat yourself without spending why not create a long list and every time you have the urge to splurge look at your list and pick one. Ideas could include phone a friend, have a big bubble bath, dance to your favourite song. keep it wide and varied and full of things you love.
  5. Saying thank you every day before I sleep for the things I have appreciated about the day ends the day well. It also strengthens my brain into seeing more positives than negatives ( it really does) the brain forever changes you know and what we focus on grows. Being grateful also stops me thinking If I buy more i will be happier. there is a lot to be said for being satisfied with what you have.



More Money-Saving Mindset ideas

I do hope these tips have helped you with your Money-Saving Mindset and that your week has been thrifty and fun!

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Do you think you have a money-saving mindset?


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