5 things money smart parents always do

money smart parents


Things money smart parents always do

I know a fair few money smart parents and they all share these habits…

1. They teach their kids to have an attitude of gratitude . They encourage them to appreciate what they have and make use of it rather than throwing toys aside and always hankering after the next big thing.  teaching gratitude isn’t as hard as it seems..reflecting as a family on the good things in your life and encouraging children to do this too really helps. A gratitude journal and writing thank you letters both help children focus on this. Having gratitude will stop them nagging!

2.Money smart parents do not overspend. They work out there budget and they stick to it. being aware of how much you have really keeps you n track so having a clear knowledge of your finances is a must and a budget plan is very handy.

3. Money smart parents always embrace the simple things in life..they bike ride and take walks with their kids, they visit with family, bake, craft and play board games. They explore their local area and find free events. Paid for activities are often unnecessary, kids just love togetherness and simple pleasures cannot be beat.

4. Money smart parents do not waste things. The y pass on clothes to friends who pass clothes back, they recycle and compost, they upcycle, their kids draw on both sides of the paper. They meal plan and know how to cook with leftover, they mend things that are broken.

Waste not want not.

5. Money smart parents shop mindfully. Thy consider each and every purchase and when there is an alternative that works instead they do not buy. So for example if a packed lunch will do they will not buy a take out.  Money smart parents shop the sales ONLY if there is something the need, they go to supermarkets at reduction hours , they use vouchercode sites like VouchaCodes.co.uk

Are you a money smart parent?



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  1. November 24, 2015 / 13:38

    I would like to think that I’m a money smart parent. We have two young boys, so we are able to get the most out of the things that we buy them as they can pass them down, or even share. We love spending our free time out in the countryside, making the most of what is around us without spending a fortune usually makes for a great day.

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