5 things you could do today to save A LOT of money

I decided last week that this year I really do want to try and get my kids to Disney. I really want to do it before they are too old. We need to make some money quickly and without a huge amount of effort (as we both work had enough and long enough as it is!) I know there are still things I can cut down on and things we can make changes too like our grocery bill, meal planning, magazine and comic subscriptions etc.  But there are some other things which actually can be done in just one day that can make a significant difference to your finances.

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Here are 5 things you could do today to save A LOT of money

  •  Go to you r bank account on line and look at your direct debits. Check they are accurate then ruthlessly look at what you could possibly ditch. i bet there is at least one thing. Just do it!
  •  Whizz around your house  put the timer on for 30mins and scoop up any old games no longer played with, clothes no longer worn, books o longer read aor any unwanted gifts and spend the next hour of two popping them up on ebay. I listed some cuff-links and a chrome cast this morning and am £60 better off already.
  • Put in the often thought about PPI claim. it doesn’t cost you anything to do this and it well worth a punt  and it really doesn’t take very long at all. Have look at this guide on how to DIY it or search google to find someone to do it for you
  •  Switch energy supplier

Shopping around for energy can help you save you hundreds of pounds each year! The process to switch energy supplier is simple and will only take around 10 minutes, which means that it could be some of the easiest savings you will ever make.

That has to be worth 10 minutes effort!

  •       5.  Have a rummage in your jewellery box. Sitting on old jewellery you will never wear is  just a complete waste, unless it has huge sentimental value. For some reason we feel bad about selling jewellery but it isn’t precious if it is always hidden  away! Go to a reputable jewellers and see what it is worth You may be very pleasantly surprised and it could bring you that holiday of a life time!

Good luck!



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