5 tips for a successful housework rota

Tips for a successful housework rota – let’s take a look

We have all been at home rather a lot of late. During the long months of the UK lockdowns, staying on top of household chores has been relatively easy.

Now the UK looks set to fully open up this summer, we’ll all be out of the house once more, perhaps leaving those household chores to the wayside.

A well thought-out housework rota can help you to get your house sparkling in no time. Even more importantly, it will help you keep it that way too.

Here are five handy tips for creating a successful housework rota.


5 tips for a successful housework rota


Equal division of tasks for a housework rota that works

Write down all the household tasks that need regular attention. Then, divide the workload equally between the people who live in your home.

If you have young children, give them responsibility for their own spaces and possessions. For older children, get them to share in the cleaning and maintenance of your home too.

Dividing everything equally will ensure fairness and help everyone to shoulder the burden of the chores.


Ensure all appliances and equipment are working

There will undoubtedly be unforeseen events such as appliance repairs or other important building maintenance to be done on your home. Something like a washing machine breakdown can cause havoc with your housework routine and disrupt other elements of your life.

Trying to solve emergencies like this swiftly is essential to avoid extensive disruption to your housework rota.

Funds aren’t always easily available at times like these, especially if you’re not usually able to get credit – but a bad credit loan could help to get your essential household appliances back up and running if you have no other options. You should always make sure you can repay any debt you incur if you do decide to get a loan.


5 tips for a successful housework rota


Prominently display the rota

Make sure everyone knows what they need to be doing by prominently displaying the housework rota in your home.

Kitchens are usually the best place for the rota, as they are used so frequently.

You could even add a checklist to the rota so tasks can be ticked off when they have been completed. A chalkboard or whiteboard works well for this.


Use incentives to motivate

Teenagers and children might need a little more motivation to get the household chores done.

Use incentives such as money, uninterrupted device time or takeaway food as motivation to get them cleaning the house.


 tips for a successful housework rota

Work with the frequency of tasks

Some tasks such as emptying the dishwasher or doing laundry might need to be done more regularly than others.

When dividing tasks up, make sure you are dividing the more frequent tasks equally too.

Above all else, to make sure your housework rota is successful, make sure tasks are assigned and completed as often as needed. Your house will gleam and no one will feel like they work harder than others.


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