5 Tips for Building a College Fund for Your Child

Every parent hopes to support their child financially when the college years come around. Yet, college is expensive and there is no magic wand that makes money appear. There are options such as loans that are worth considering, but lots of people prefer to handle it themselves and not take on a debt commitment. This sum is going to be a large amount in the tens of thousands; therefore, saving money for this purpose has to be a long-term goal with smart moves along the way. This guide takes a look at five solid tips for building a college fund for your child (or children).

Accept a Degree of Flexibility

College admissions prices are subject to change and may increase or decrease before your kid hits the age of attendance. Likewise, the cost of living and rent prices also moves fluidly in line with global patterns and policy factors. So, an exact amount will remain unknown until you arrive at the door, but you can work with the current patterns to have something to aim for.

Put it In the Monthly Budget

Putting a set amount aside into a savings account for this specific purpose is a reliable method for strengthening the pot. If it is a habitual factor in the widely monthly budget, your finances will adapt to it. Treat it as though it were a utility bill or similar, and account for it when paying for the household essentials like food and electricity. By implementing this method, saving for college will become a subconscious activity that happens in the background. The amount can change if you wish as per your salary and monetary demands, but it should remain consistent in the timings of the payment.

Tips for Building a College Fund for Your Child


Use Online Investment Options

When finding ways to manage a long-term financial commitment for a future purpose, online investment is a strategy that a lot of people choose. Building an online portfolio can certainly help when planning for the future, as stocks and shares often yield valuable outputs and monetary returns. Though there is a certain risk that needs to be noted, if you get to know the ropes, this can be mitigated to a certain degree. Having a specific account that is able to grow and build accumulatively means that when it is time to pay for admissions or other college costs, this money can be put to use. If you start when they are little, this wealth opportunity has even longer to grow into something majorly profitable. Play it safe and do it smartly.

Start When They’re Born

Starting this process as soon as the child is born, or even when you fall pregnant, means there is as much time as possible to nurture the fund. As mentioned, this figure is not a small one. In fact, it is a substantial amount, and therefore, the longer you have to give yourself, the more lenient the process can be. 18 years of saving compared to two or three will always have a bigger and more advantageous yield.

Get Them Involved

As soon as they are ready to understand finances, get them involved in the conversation. Encouraging kids to have autonomy when it comes to money fosters positive habits later in life. They can even put their own money into their savings, if appropriate, from a part-time job or similar. It can teach them how to self-regulate spending and the importance of keeping money aside for a set purpose. Never underestimate the value of these lessons.

Building a college fund is a rite of passage for a parent, but the road is long. Making sensible choices and balancing finances in the optimal capacity is always preferable.


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