5 Top Sportswear Trends in 2023

Sportswear trends in 2023  continue to meet the needs and preferences of athletes and fashion-conscious individuals. Materials only get better and better and performance quality grows so for the sports enthusiast there really are some amazing options out there.

Looking good whilst playing sports has always mattered but now you can have quality, performance and cool in your sportswear too.


5 Sportswear trends in 2023

Let’s take a look at what’s hot in 2023. 


Technological Innovations

Sportswear continues to incorporate advanced technologies to enhance performance and comfort. Features such as moisture-wicking fabrics, temperature regulation, compression zones, and seamless constructions will be popular, providing athletes with optimal functionality.  You only need to take a look at the Moncler brand on 24S for some gorgeous and very practical examples of such innovations.

Moncler are renowned for their technical clothing and accessories for sporting enthusiasts and adventurers. isn’t the combo below  stylish yet it contains all the technical features those who love the outdoors would want. 



Sportswear Trends in 2023


Sustainable sports wear

With a growing emphasis on sustainability, sportswear brands are  increasingly focused on using eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, and plant-based fabrics. This trend promotes environmental responsibility while providing performance-oriented clothing and it matters.

Generation Z and millennials care about what they wear but they care about the planet more. Thye iuse their spending power with an environmental conscience so they are prepared to spend more on good quality and are less inclined towards throwaway fast fashion. 


One -piece wear

From unitards to leotards sportswear gets simple in 2023 and the one piece is everywhere. And  from jumpsuits to romper to bike suits it just looks super stylish and effortlessly cool. Plus it really does show off all that working out.  Activewear dresses in particular are having a moment – usually reserved for just tennis and gold fans suddenly they are everywhere!



Sportswear Trends in 2023

Gender-Neutral Designs

Sportswear brands. just like fashion brands are increasingly embracing gender-neutral designs in their collections. This of course means that they are able to cater to a broader audience. This trend promotes inclusivity and allows individuals to choose sportswear based on personal style and preferences rather than traditional gender norms. It is the way forward and it is exciting to see this concept being embraced in the clothing industry. 


Athleisure is in 

If you are wondering what Athlesiure  actually is and how to wear it I think it is appropriate to head on over to leading fashion magazine Vogue to define it:   

‘The phrase, describing the marriage of athletic gear and leisure wear, means trackies and blazers, sweats and heels. Think Rihanna and Kim Kardashian and you’re there.’

Sportswear is no longer just for the sporty or those chilling out at home. It is absolutely a key casual look that can be dressed up or down but still look cool (and more importantly  from my perspective feel comfortable.)

The rise of athlesiure wear has seen lots of sports/fashion house collaborations and I have to say for me the Stella Mccartney/Addidas vegan Stan Smith’s were my fave fashion/sportswear buy so far this year. have you embraced this yet?



Final thoughts on sportswear trends in 2023

Sportswear Trends in 2023 are quality and eco-driven. Wearers want both a great performance and a great look from their clothing. they also want to feel comfortable whilst looking stylish. Luckily for the consumer sportswear trends in 2023 deliver.  



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