5 Top Tips for Frugal Fashion

Great ideas for frugal fashion. here is how to look good on a budget

I want to share my 5 top tips to frugal fashion with you. These are taken from my latest eBook . It is available on Kindle

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Looking good

For many of us looking good is a significant part of feeling happy. We may feel shallow and superficial admitting this, but it is true. New clothes and a fresh new hairdo can help us feel wonderful. Few of us buy new clothes because all our others have worn out or have a hair cut because ours is so long we trip over it. No. We invest in these things to feel good. What if we just can’t afford fancy haircuts and new clothes? Here are some ways we can look good for less. Try them out, I guarantee they work.

1. Posh charity shops

Check out a charity shop in the poshest area close to you. Rich people often donate to charity rather than pass clothes on to friends. Their clothes will often have been good quality in the first place so will last well.  Just think you are doing your bit for recycling and charity and bagging a new wardrobe for you and your kids. It’s a win-win-win!

2. Get advice

Principles of NLP would say to achiever well you should study someone who does what you want to do, brilliantly. Well dressed people understand what looks good on them. Big department stores often offer a personal shopping support service for free (e.g. John Lewis.) You get advice on colours a style that suit you, shapes that flatter etc. with no obligation to buy. This could be the best fashion fix ever. Have a look at the stores website and see what you can find.

3. Chuck it

Chuck away all your stained, rubbish looking, ill fitting clothes (except for one painting/ gardening set for you and a few such sets for  the kids) Stained  clothes look awful and do you no favours. Be ruthless. Wear your good stuff regularly.

4. Hair

Hairdressers can cost a fortune, but often we just stick with who we know, no matter how pricey. Be brave and venture off the high street. Doing this saved me £30 on highlights! The only difference between the hairdressers was one paid far less rent so could keep her prices down. Another option is to call around a few mobile hairdressers and query prices. Lack of overheads often result in big discounts.  Ask friends for recommendations.

5. Exercise

Going to the gym is expensive even when it is the cheapest deal you can find. A £1 exercise DVD from a car boot sale, a pair of trainers to walk or jog in and a trusty old bike are all you actually need. Put exercise in your diary so it’s an appointment with yourself and your health. Perhaps you could team up with friends once a week for a fast walk and a chat. Pop to the shops on your bike whenever you can. Plan in a family ramble at the weekend. Run after your kids as they scoot. Who needs the gym? This way you get time with family too and reduce your car use.

(if these resonate with you I have 95 fabulously frugal tips in 100 Easys Ways to be a Thrifty Family…its all about simple creative change and it costs just £2.05)

Do you have any top Frugal Fashion tips?






  1. January 28, 2013 / 09:30

    Great tips! You’re right about chucking unflattering stuff out. I really must tackle my wardrobe!

  2. Gladys
    September 23, 2014 / 02:26

    Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web siote
    before but after going through some off the posts
    I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

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