5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Going Back To Work

  5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Going Back To Work – Guest post

More and more people choose to return to work after having a baby. Perhaps not surprising due to rising prices for childcare in this country, but many choose to go back to continue with their careers, which is no bad thing at all. Before you go back to work, whether you are a single parent, married or simply living in a cohabiting relationship there are some things to think about as well as child care arrangements. It can be a stressful time for new Mums and Dads, especially if you both choose to return to work, or as a single parent you have no other choice, let’s alleviate some of that stress with some helpful tips to consider.


Talk through your decision 

Always talk through your decision to return to work with friends and family before discussing it with your boss. Use your family as a sounding board to make sense of your decision and to talk through your options and you’ll find things much easier to process.



Consider a job share

Some of you out there will have companies who understand that a mother or father’s prerogative is their new child, but also that work is still important to you. That’s why job share schemes are becoming ever popular today. So if you have the opportunity to job share with someone else in order to take time off to care for your child you really should consider that offer over full time employment – at least for the early years of your child’s life.


Consider child share

No, this isn’t some dodgy scheme we’re promoting; sharing childcare between friends can be your best chance of a stress-free return to work. If you have friends or family members who also want to go back to work then you could share the child-care between you. If you have friends who don’t work in the day you could offer to watch their kids for them in the evenings to share out the childcare and give them a night off once in a while.


5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Going Back To Work


Get Organised To Take The Stress Out Of Going Back To Work

Whatever your plans for going back to work, whether you’re hiring a live-in nanny or dropping your kids off to a child-minder or anything else in-between, it’s undeniable that having a child will change your life at work. If you haven’t organised and planned properly you’ll probably find yourself worrying about your child throughout the working day, and ultimately becoming very distracted. To ensure this doesn’t happen make lists for the babysitter as to when the child needs feeding and what kind of TV shows you’ll allow them to watch. If you think that whoever is looking after your child will be looking after them the way you would then you’re far more likely to feel at ease.


Look to childcare support

As with family support options there are some ways to get childcare support, if you are a single parent then child support payments could go towards the money spent on childcare, ensuring you can go back to work stress-free.

With the help of family and friends and talking things through there are always ways to get back into work after having a child, and with as little stress as possible. Don’t stress, just read the advice and follow these steps.


5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Going Back To Work is a collaborative post 


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