5 ways to go green and save cash

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5 ways to go green and save cash

I am always looking for ways to go green and save cash.

As we lurch from one ecological crisis to another, many of us want to be more proactive about living sustainably and mitigating our carbon footprints.

But a common complaint is cost — when the price of organic products often seems to eclipse that of their mainstream equivalents, budgeting concerns are prioritised over clean living.

However, with a bit of digging around, going green and saving cash is more viable than you may think — here are five suggestions for a start.

  1. Composting

Composting serves several purposes simultaneously — and if you’ve got green fingers, it can certainly save you cash.

Although we do our best to separate different kinds of waste to maximize recycling, some errant food waste inevitably ends up going to landfills, which is a great pity.

Composting prevents this wastage and provides you with a rich, free fertiliser to supercharge plant growth — buy a compost bin from a garden supplier like Primrose and get stuck in!

  1. Solar panels

A significant initial outlay meant that traditionally, the ROI on solar panels would only be seen in the long term — although a UK Government subsidy scheme made them more attractive to thousands of homeowners.

That initiative’s due to end soon, but if you shop around, solar panels are still a decent investment and savings are higher in the south of England than elsewhere in the UK.

For an impartial guide to solar, check out relevant content on the Money Saving Expert site.

  1. Home brewing

If you enjoy nothing better of an evening than an ice-cold beer, but pub and supermarket prices put you off, enter eco-friendly home brewing.

It conserves energy, since there’s no need to transport beer bottles in lorries, using rainwater runoff for cleaning saves water and growing your own hops and organic ingredients makes the process clean and green.

If you’re interested, you can buy kits from home brew gurus Beerhawk.

  1. Indoor vegetables

Occupying a flat (or any property without a garden) makes growing your own veg tricky, but not impossible.

With a reliable hydroponic system, you can raise delicious organic peas, beans and peanuts in the comfort of your own home — and while reduced space means your yield volume may not be massive, it could be enough to save you shopping for certain items.

Check out organic specialists GroWell for expert advice — their website is informative and accessible.

  1. Natural health and beauty

There’s no doubt that certain natural health products with exotic ingredients can be a little bit pricey.

But by keeping your eyes peeled for regular clearance sales, you can pick up bargains that are kind to your skin and the planet too.

A great example is natural store Kijani Living — their clearance section regularly has cut-price deals on everything from coconut probiotic cream to lavender body wash.

Follow these five ways to go green and save cash and you’ll be the most eco-conscious family in your neighbourhood.

How does your family try to be greener? Share your thoughts in the commentsbelow.


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  1. February 23, 2019 / 04:00

    I love indoor gardening. It’s save us quite a bit especially when it comes to herbs, tomatoes and other smaller veggies. Definitely much better and fresher than buying from the supermarket.

  2. March 1, 2019 / 02:54

    This such a good read. I hope people could read this for awareness that we can do something to save the environment. Thanks for sharing.

  3. March 1, 2019 / 02:55

    This such a good read. I hope people could read this for awareness that we can do something to save the environment. Thank you for sharing!

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