5 Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

5 Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight.

Is your cat overweight? Chubby cats may be comical to look at, but an obese cat is often an unhealthy cat. Cats with excessive body weight may struggle with diabetes and joint issues.

Here are some tips to achieve your cat’s ideal body weight.


5 Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight


5 Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Cats are as unique as humans, and each breed comes with its own average weight range. Veterinarians use the body condition score to determine if a cat is healthy.

By looking at the images in the index, you should easily be able to determine if you must make changes to your cat’s weight.


1) Find The Right Cat Food for Overweight Cats

Small changes to your cat’s diet can make a big difference. Storebought food brands may not be the best for a weight loss diet.

Certain speciality cat foods can help as it contains fewer calories, more protein and the proper nutrition required by our feline friends.

A great option is to feed raw food, such as Bella and Duke that uses quality ingredients and is free of preservatives and fillers.

Canned diet food is also a great option to include in a kitty weight loss program. Make sure you follow feeding guidelines so you know how much food to provide.


2) Establish Set Meal Times to Maintain Healthy Weight

Some cats are gluttonous and will eat if there is food available. Make sure the food bowl is not always full, and establish regular meal times.

You should consult your vet as they can help set up a feeding regime that will assist with weight loss.

If your cat starts calling out for food in between these mealtimes, distract it with affection or a toy. Most cats tend to be happy to substitute food with love and attention.


5 Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight


3) Exercise To Help Your Cat Lose Weight Safely

Unlike dogs, cats do not often get taken out on walks, so here are some exercise tips. It is the pet owners’ responsibility to ensure their cats get adequate exercise.

If you have a playful cat, then cat toys can help get your pet moving around. Cats are also entertained by simple items, like tissue boxes and toilet rolls. Get creative and get your feline friend exercising. 


4) Use Cat Toys to Make Mealtimes Fun and aid Weight Loss

You can combine feeding with playing to help with losing weight. Cat treat toys are puzzling toys that slowly dispense food or treats when played with. This means that your cat is practising their natural hunting skills, exercising and being fed.

You can also move the food bowl around at different meal times so that your cat has to walk around to find its food.

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You do not want your cat to experience weight gain once the target weight has been achieved. Once your car hits its ideal weight, maintain the new portion size and remain disciplined.

Stick to the scheduled mealtimes and playtime to help your pet maintain its weight.


Final Thoughts

If you have more than one cat, move the overweight cat’s food to a separate room, and maintain your new schedule with all your cats to prevent any of them from picking up excess weight.

If you are feeling fed up, remember that you are helping your cat live a long and happy life through weight loss.


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