5 ways to keep the busy mum handsfree


Today – ways to keep the busy mum handsfree

Husband’s and children are always on the search for the perfect gift for mum. In todays digitally charged world, that task is becoming harder and harder. Especially if you have a mum or a wife who is constantly on the go. Here are a couple of gifts to help make her smile.


Ways to keep the busy mum handsfree

Get Her An iPhone 7

One of the easiest and best gifts you can get for mum is an iPhone 7. Between Facetime and fingerprint unlocking features, using this phone is easy when you’re in a hurry.


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iPhone Wallet Case

You’ve likely looked at everything from plastic and silicon to a wooden phone case to protect mom’s new phone. You could look for the best iPhone 7 plus wallet case from JimmyCase, to really eliminate extra clutter. From a wooden phone case to a case that doubles as an iPhone 7 card holder to reinforced screen protectors, the accessory options available are virtually endless.


AirPods are the new rage as far as iPhone accessories. They are wireless earbuds that can be used independently to deliver quality sound without the worry of tangled up in cords. Since you can use one AirPod at a time, she can double up and use a Bluetooth.


You can’t go wrong with a good Bluetooth headset. Especially ones that are always on the go. Bluetooth technology has come so far these days, that most mid-priced and upper-priced Bluetooth’s have around 11 hours of continuous talk time, and charge from dead to full in less than 30 minutes.

A Vehicle Transmitter

If mum’s current car doesn’t have the ability to allow her iPhone to link up to it, you might want to consider a vehicle transmitter. These transmitters allow a phone to connect through its Bluetooth features to the car. Music and phone calls will come through the speakers of the car, making it easier than ever to drive hands free.


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