5 wonderful ways to save

Are you looking for wonderful ways to save ?

People have been saving money in one way or another for as long as money has been around. From tiny penny jars in their bedroom to big serious bank accounts. they all have their merit

Here are 5 wonderfully varied ways to save.

1.Penny jars

Save your pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves

My granddad would often repeat the phrase above and would always have a penny jar on the go, not sure it ever amounted to much more than ice-creams in the summer or a little toy ever now and again but we were still saving and I think it seeped into our mindset. I stills ave my spare coins and we count them up and give them to charity at the end of each year.

2.  Piggy banks

Do you have one? Both my kids do and each week in goes there pocket money. They both save quite well actually and tend to wait for something they really want before raiding their piggy bank.

3. Under the bed

The thought of savings stashed under the bed makes me think of some story you might read in the newspaper of someone very old passing away having saved a million in a battered old suitcase under the bed. A rare story these days and probably one often exaggerated before. But I do stash a little cash away for a rainy day. There’s always £40 or so stashed somewhere ‘in case’.

4. In possessions

Have you put your money into a possession as a form of saving? Perhaps you have invested in a piece of amazing art or some lovely jewellery or maybe a property you just know will make you money in the long run. It is a form of saving but always slightly speculative.

For me it’s quite a ‘fun way’ to save as the pleasure you derive along the way is additional to the end result.  We have a small piece of art we love though and whilst it may  have been a little investment there really is a problem. How would I ever bear to part with it!


5. In the bank.

In the bank is where I suppose you would EXPECT people to save but there are many options even within the bank sysytem There are ISA’s, current accounts and specific savings accounts for you to explore. If you have a large sum to deposit, at banks like Citibank you can have offshore banking and wealth management services to guide you too.


There really is a a way to save for everyone and every budget.

However you save,do save ..even a little. Rainy days and emergencies do come around and you will be ‘oh so glad’ you did.

If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting 

Benjamin Franklin



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