50 fun things to do when stuck indoors with the kids

Today – 50 things to do when stuck indoors with the kids


stuck indoors with the kids


Things to do when stuck indoors with the kids

  1. Make a memory box and fill it up
  2. Make a folded paper monster
  3. Bake my easy Shortbread recipe
  4. Make a twig boat
  5. Look through old photo albums and put loose photos into albums
  6. Make an Easter tree
  7. Have a go at ALL your board games even the ones that seem to you or look a bit hard – you might find a new favourite
  8. grab the gel and youtube videos o wild with no new hairstyles for all the family
  9. Show your kids the films you loved as a younger you, from the Breakfast club to ET there are some real treasures to share
  10. Write some letters to people you love, people love getting letters and it can feel wonderful to connect, get out the stickers and the fancy pens pop o some music and all of you do this
  11. Have a kitchen disco
  12. Curate a happy family playlist and some individual ones to help shake off the blues
  13. Set up an obstacle course in your garden using chairs, odd bits of wood, a few plant pits to dribble a ball around perhaps a slide or a plastic bowl to balance on their heads. A bit of prep for hours of free fun.
  14. Stock up your craft box from your recycling box (tp rolls, milk cartons, egg boxes, etc.)
  15. Cardboard box crafts are great fun and you’ll probably have all you need to hand
  16. Encourage your children to keep a gratitude journal and write down 3 things every day they have enjoyed or are grateful for – when times are tough it is more important than ever to look for the positives
  17. Read read read – it’s the perfect opportunity to check out these books for reluctant readers if your child is not keen
  18. Make a den and make it super cosy so it becomes a lovely hangout spot
  19. Have a bash at baking some banana muffins
  20. Why not get the kids to put on a show?
  21. have a game of charades – always loads of fun and perfect for when you are stuck indoors with the kids
  22. Skyping with friends and family can be done form the phone and helps you all feel more connected to the outside world.
  23. Make yarn sticks (surprisingly super relaxing!)
  24. Make some grinch playdough! (or any kind you want really)
  25. Check out the best YouTube channel for craft-loving kids
  26. Make a pinecone bird feeder
  27. Try your hand at yummy chocolate bark
  28. Learn a family dance routine to a great song like dancing Queen
  29. Learn some card games together with the perfect stuck indoors with the kids game!
  30. Could you do something worthwhile and contribute to the human voicebank
  31. Write a story where every member of the family contribute – you could even make some story stones like these after and then do it again
  32. Check out science sparks and try a few science experiments
  33. have a go at colouring mandalas scientifically proven to help you all chill – you can find free images here
  34. Have a big declutter it could help make you a few pennies. It can be way more fun than it sounds especially if you crank up the music.
  35. Make some origami paper corners
  36. Have your kids help you meal plan
  37. Teach your kids some simple skills, bed making, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.
  38. Make a butterfly feeder
  39. Draw pictures of each other
  40. Put together a laughter kit for when it all gets too much
  41. How about creating a happy jar filed with happy memories
  42. Leaf printing is always fun if you have access to a garden
  43. Or how about stone painting?
  44. OOh and how about these cake pop recipes these would be fun to make!
  45. A simple fabric wreath for spring would make a lovely family project
  46. And OMG how about having a go at this Easter egg cheesecake
  47. Make paper aeroplanes and have a competition!
  48. Make fruit kebabs
  49. Have a go at a simple guided meditation to totally relax you all
  50. Make chocolate jazzies
  51. Ooh and how about giving some LEGO Stem activities a go?


So many cool things to do when stuck indoors with the kids!



things to do when stuck indoors with the kids


A guided relaxation for kids


Wow, that’s a bit of a bumper list of things to do when stuck indoors with the kids – you need never be bored again! But if you are check out my boredom games for kids post

I hope these fun things to do when stuck indoors with the kids inspire you to make the very most of it. If you find it hard to motivate your kids then do take a look at my post on how to stop kids procrastinating

Oh, I have just one more! How make a sofa den



And there are more fun things to do when stuck indoors with the kids

One of my best bloggy pals Maggy from Red Ted Art has 3 great stuck indoors with the kids ideas for you..she is the queen of crafting so these are guaranteed to be good

Recommended reads when stuck indoors with kids

If you need a little more inspiration when stuck indoors with kids let me introduce you to a couple of fabulous books.


Create your own happy

My own book Create your own happy is a happiness boosting book for kids and contains 50 activities to make them smile and boost their self-esteem.


Easy paper projects

Another book absolutely perfect for times when you are stuck indoors with the kids is Easy Paper Projects by Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art.





Easy Paper Projects has 60 ways to craft from paper – a cheap and simple resource that i easy to access and can be recycled. This is a great book that will keep kids occupied for hours.


If you are stuck indoors with kids then these ideas should keep you happy and productive. Wishing you all the very best,

things to do when stuck indoors with the kids


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Becky x


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