6 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Sofa for Your Home or Business

When it comes to bringing in both comfort and style into your home or business’ interior decor, “furniture” is key. And one of the vital pieces to zero in on is your “sofa”. This fixture will act as a centrepiece in any room it’s set in. 

So, we’ve spoken to experts and came up with a list of what you can do as you hunt for the best and most ideal sofa just for you. 


Sofa Buying Guide a la Professional Interior Designer

1. Height, Depth, Shallowness, the Works

This is one of the more practical tips you’ll encounter here, and will definitely be helpful in making or breaking your sofa-scouting decision: we’re referring to a sofa’s dimensions. Be sure to have a good understanding of what height, sitting depth or shallowness, and width you and your family prefer when looking through online catalogues for living room fittings. 



The best approach to reaching a sofa conclusion is to sit on your current long couch and manually make measurements. Write them down. Back support, knee height against the floor when seated, and seat cushion height are to be taken into consideration as well. All of these are ingredients for a comfy sofa. And don’t forget to check that it can actually fit your doorway and stairway corners! Are you ready to join the sofa club?


2. Spring for Springs

Not many sofa types are supported with springs. But if you want that extra dose of firmness or plushness, this is a feature to watch out for. among the most common spring types is known as the “serpentine spring”. Its name stems from the fact that it’s wound as one piece continuously, throughout the sofa frame. Another is the “hand-tied spring”. It’s referred to as the “8-way spring”, alternatively. 

Either type differs in how much seating comfort they provide, and in accordance with the sofa frame you choose. And really, you can evaluate by getting to the point— ask your favourite supplier. Meticulously inquire about this, for you to have a better grasp of which spring type to select.


3. Frame Material 

The frame material of a sofa is what gives it structure. Literally. At the same time, know about a sofa’s interior frame can give you a bit of a head’s up on how long or short it may last over time. Whether plastic, hardwood, or metal, learn about the details of each kind.


6 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Sofa for Your Home or Business


For instance, if it’s hardwood, exactly what type of wood was used? Oak? Beech? If plastic, is it stand-alone or is it fused to metal? 


4. Journey to the Joinery

“Joinery” here simply talks about how the sofa’s frame is “joined” together. What tools were used to keep its entire body sturdy, and far from collapsing altogether? Glue and mere stitching? Probably not the sturdiest of them all. 

However, screws, blocks, and brackets are a good indicator of durable joinery. These aren’t going to be evident since they arent’ visible at the onset, and are located inside the sofa. Hence and yet again, do your due diligence in researching a sofa’s joinery by talking to your manufacturer and/or supplier. 


5. The Cherries on Top: Cushions

Although you can purchase cushions separately, buying a sofa with ones that won’t need immediate replacing is another practical tip. Cushions should be snug. No more, no less. Those that are less than snug even when they’re brand new will spell disaster later on. They’ll quickly lose their shape. 

A non-snug-fit cushion may also mean that its filler or its sewing quality is subpar. There are several cushion materials that offer fluff and resilience to wear and tear. 


6. Design and Upholstery

Here’s a variable that isn’t necessarily about seating ease but has to do with visual appeal. In other words, the overall design of the couch. Design experts from Chill Sofas UK all agree that this one’s going to be up to you. 

Still, there are pro-must-checks you can observe. Besides lines and hues, I mean perhaps you want like U shape sofas? Do evaluate the “make” of the same. Is there any discolouration? Swerving lines due to poorly tightened and sown edges? Designs that are not centred due to haphazard manufacturing?


Take a closer look at the sofas you have in mind and evaluate them based on these, and other similar queries.


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