Ways to Banish the Winter Blues

Today – ways to banish the winter blues

Ways to Banish the Winter Blues


Ways to Banish the Winter Blues – top tips

Are you looking for way to banish the winter blues? Winter can be depressing. The short days, cold weather, and feelings of being cooped up inside can all bring on the blues. Don’t despair. There are things you can do to feel better.Making sure your physical health is in tip top condition can really help. Do get your eyes checked at a local opticians and your eacrs checked and cleaned too at places like Auris Ear Care

Try these tips too, and winter may become your new favorite season:

  1. Get More Light to banish those blues

Sunlight makes us feel happy. Some people are more sensitive than others to winter’s shorter hours of sunlight. If you find that lack of sun is getting you down, try light therapy. Many people have good results using special lamps that mimic the effects of sunlight.


  1. Ways to Banish the Winter Blues? Be Sure to Get Enough Vitamin D

In addition to providing mood-enhancing light, sunlight also provides you with Vitamin D, a crucial nutrient for regulating your body, mind, and mood. In the winter, your Vitamin D levels drop. Increase your intake by eating foods rich in this healthful vitamin, such as egg yolks, beef liver, cheese, salmon, and tuna. You can also supplement with Vitamin D pills.

ways to banish the winter blues

  1. Follow the Sun

When the sun isn’t coming to you, you could go to the sun. Consider taking a vacation trip to a hot and sunny place. Think it’s too expensive? You might be surprised. Do some research online, and you might find some great travel bargains.


  1. Fitness is full of brilliant Ways to Banish the Winter Blues

Exercising is a fantastic way to improve your mood. Many people cut back on their exercise routines during the winter, especially if they like to exercise outdoors. However, the health- and mood-boosting effects of exercise are so amazing that it’s worth the effort to find a way to exercise throughout the winter.


There are many clothes made of high-tech fabrics on the market now that help your body retain heat even in very cold conditions. These making walking, running, and hiking outside more comfortable when the temperature drops. As an alternative, you could try new ways to exercise indoors. You might find that you love spin classes, basketball games in the gym, exercise videos you do in your own living room, or yoga. Let this winter be a time you try something new!

And if you think walking is boring then think again! take a peek at my post on how to make walking less boring


  1. Have Something You Are Looking Forward To – a top way to banish the winter blues

Make plans to do things that excite you. Thinking about pleasurable things you are going to do is a great way to lift your spirits. Fill up your calendar with activities that make you smile. These can be simple things that you do yourself, like curling up with a book you’ve been wanting to read or binge-watching your favourite television show. Be sure to schedule some time with your favourite family members and friends too. If you can’t always get together in person, then reach out via phone or app.


ways to banish the winter blues


  1. Talk to a Therapist From Your Home Via the Talkspace App

If the winter blues are still getting you down, reach out for help. Talkspace is an innovative app that makes it easy to talk to a licensed therapist from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. Talkspace matches you with a therapist who is just right for you. You can send text messages to your therapist any time you want, as often as you want. So when something is bothering you, just reach for your phone. Your therapist will answer once or twice a day. Plans start at $49 per week.



You can read glowing Talkspace reviews in the Wall Street Journal, Glamour Magazine, the Huffington Post, and many more publications and television shows. Multiple Talkspace reviews say the service is just as good as traditional therapy. Try it today!


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