7 Tips to Maintain Your Tyres for Safe Travel in Scotland

Today – 7 Tips to Maintain Your Tyres for Safe Travel in Scotland

Large towns in Scotland get heavily congested. You may have noticed this in areas like Stirling or Fife even if you have chosen to head into one of the town centres well outside of the rush hour. Heavy traffic and poorly maintained roads mean that your tyres come under greater pressure. Here’s what you need to do to keep them in good condition for Scottish roads.

7 Tips to Maintain Your Tyres for Safe Travel in Scotland

Maintain Your Tyres for Safe Travel in Scotland

– Avoid driving too fast over speed humps. These obstacles, as well as going up kerbs, cause excessive wear to your tyres and it could knock your tracking out of alignment, too.

– Give more space in front of you. The closer you are to the car in front, the less time you have to swerve around debris and potholes. Dropping back a few metres gives you the advantage of seeing what is on Scottish streets.

– Check your tyre pressure. By keeping your tyres pumped up properly, you will help to preserve their life. Under-inflated tyres slew when you steer around corners which wears them down. You should not continue to use low quality or tyres which can cause road troubles. Especially if you are driving in local town of Scotland or other areas like Stirling you should always inspect and replace your tyres properly. One place to get cheap tyres in Stirling which are the right match for your vehicle is, Fife Autocentre.

– Look at your tread depth. If your tyres are balding in even a small area, then they can be unroadworthy. If you happen to brake when a worn down section is in contact with the tarmac, then you can easily lose control.

– Don’t over-inflate your tyres. If you have pumped them up more than they need to be in order to avoid refilling them so often, then your tyres will bow out. This means they are more liable to a blowout on a fast section of road. It can also wear down parts of the tyre more quickly than others.

– Look for bulges. If your tyre is starting to deteriorate for any reason, then the rubber tends to split apart. You will notice this in the form of bulges, usually on the sidewall of one of your tyres. Bulging tyres are dangerous and could burst at any time, putting anyone nearby at risk.

– Consider winter tyres in icy conditions. If your tyres aren’t up to the job on high Scottish roads, then fit winter ones which work better in snow and have rubber compounds that are favourable in icy conditions.


I hope you have found this post on  7 Tips to Maintain Your Tyres for Safe Travel in Scotland to be useful and that you drive safely!


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