Top 10 ways to save money for a new home

Whether you are already a home owner or renting, saving money for a new home is not an easy task. Deposits are not easy to come by and often involve some real dedication on your behalf to saving all you can. I have lot of thrifty tips up my sleeve but here are 10 that I think are just really easy to incorporate into your life.

10 ways to save money for a new home

1. Do not waste food

Love Food Hate Waste is a brilliant website to help you avoid food waste. They report that the average Uk family throw away around £60 worth of food each month. £720 a year.. Meal planning and a clear shopping list can totally avoid this happening. Having a few leftover recipes like sup and fritatta up your sleeve are well worth having too. Why would you throw this money away?

2. Stay at Home

Recent reports have put the average cost of a holiday abroad form the UK at around £1400 per person. For a family of 4 that’s pushing 6k . Huge savings if you stay at home. And you know staycations can be fun explore your local area, eat your favourite meals, watch some great movies and really relax you might find your prefer it!

3.  Cash in the attic

If you have jewellery, paintings, retro toys, old inherited vases you can’t stand just sitting around taking up space then why not have them valued and sell them on. Local auctions , ebay, jewelers are great places to sell items on and you really could free up some useful cash. I am sure your ancestors would wish you happy and flourishing rather then struggling but still owning their ugly old vase!

4. On your bike

Cars are expensive, maybe you could downsize your car to a smaller mosre cost efficent vehicle or maybe you could get rid of one of your cars? Walking and biking are so much better for all the family and the environent and of course a MUCH chaper option.

5. Shop around

I was recently on Radio Nottingham talking about the cost of Christmas dinners and apparently they can be done or less than £3 a head at one of the super cheap supermarkets. Other sources would lead you to spending around £25 a head. Shop around and shop smart the savings can be huge.

6. Preloved

The very first time you use an item it is no longer new …so just don’t worry about something being pre-used, pre-worn and pre-loved.  In terms of furniture, clothes, IT equipment and  toys preloved can save you HUGE amounts of money. Always consider preloved as an option and be proud you are doing your bit to avoid consumerism and help the environment.

7. Have an attitude of gratitude.

Often we spend out money because we think we want more ‘stuff’ and get pulled along by materialistic desires that are of an advertisers making. Consuming and purchasing less really does save our money  and it some ways t can make us happier too. Really valuing what we already have and making the very most of it teaches us and out children an attitude of gratitude that can really uplift our lives and stop us seeking more.

8. Learn to mend

Fixing buttons, hems, our own cars, a leaky roof, and a broken toy can save us a small fortune.The internet is an oasis of DIY information and many jobs will be easier then you think,Trading skills you do have with a handy friend (IT support for a dodgy drain perhaps? It can make  a great no cost involved deal for you both

9. Stay focussed.

It can be hard when you have a lot of money to save to stay focused on your goals. Why not pin a picture of the home you desire on your fridge. Keep a journal documenting you r saves and how close you are getting to saving what you need. Have a clear plan in place and small savings goals to keep you on track.

10. Be realistic

Make sure you can afford to make the home you have your eye on. Use this fabulous mortgage calculator to compare repayments and really explore your opptions

Getting on the property ladder as soon as you can can make a big difference into your financial security in the long term. I hope this post , written in collaboration with TSB has helped you figure out some ways to save for that deposit you will need.






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