A beautiful bedroom makeover

beautiful bedroom makeover


We are at the point of needing a bedroom makeover. Ours is looking a little dull and shabby to be honest. We have had the same bedroom furniture for 14 years and we have wood with mismatched MDF and it is not a good luck. Our duvet covers are worn and faded and some our sheets are so old they have frays and holes. It is most definitely time for a change.

The problem is we are also hoping to move house in the next year and we have no clue yet where we will be moving too so whatever we do we need to keep it fairly neutral and unfussy to maximise space and appeal to as many people as we possibly can. Dressing our bedroom well and neutrally will definitely help sell the house too. At the moment it really does look pretty uninspiring.

So in my mind I have ideas I want to achieve in our bedroom makeover.I want it to look:

  • Neutral
  • Fresh
  • Restful

And I want any furniture we purchase to be:

  • Classic
  • Long lasting
  • Great quality

and not too expensive (as we have a new house to buy!)

I always think before making makeover plans it really helps to have a clear idea of what you are aiming for so you don’t go madly off track in terms of what you purchase and in terms of what you spend. A budget is always a good idea!

I am a big fan of natural wood and over at Oak Furniture Solutions I have found some lovely options. They are a store who specialise in oak furniture and other high quality wooden furniture crafted from reclaimed oak, pine and walnut. Here is a great Oak Furniture Solutions discount code for further savings.

I love this blonde oak bed. I think it looks pretty and substantial and has clean lines and a natural rustic feel.  It  is built using reclaimed light oak recovered from the demolition of old buildings, showing off a plethora of unique knot and grain detail. I just adore that. What stories these beds could tell!



I would pair it with the matching side tables


Again these have such clean lines, look really pretty and robust! They are also really practical which is increasingly important to me in regard to home design.

For lighting I do like copper and these copper table lamps from Argos are a lovely and inexpensive find. Again they fit with my theme of neutral, simple and practical but cast a lovely warm glow form the copper which is just perfect for a bedroom. At juts under £20 these are a great buy and would work just about anywhere. Here is a great Argos discount code for further savings




Over at The White Company my heart has been won over by their vintage Etienne bedspread and cushion covers (see top of the page) It has been inspired by the French vintage matelassé style with an embossed look of a hand-stitched quilt. I think it is so pretty whilst also being understated and could work with any colour scheme. It also looks both soft and inviting. I am not one for formal stiff bedding and this has a tumbled, washed finish. Just gorgeous.

I love to have a lovely knitted blanket or throw in the bedroom for chilly nights. I also like the added weight and texture it bring s to the room especially in winter. It juts feels also sort of cosy. This Holkham throw is also from The White Company and I just love it. The classic grey is neutral and relaxing and the knit is chunky and authentic. It also comes in navy (ooh it would be hard to choose!). Despite looking chunky due to the honeycomb effect it is crafted from an acrylic and wool blend so it feels beautifully lightweight, soft and snuggly. Just what you need from a bed throw. Do make use of The White Company Discount Code


I would also definitely accessories with fresh flowers and candles too to add a lovely fragrance to the room and make it look cost and I would style it up with a selection of lovely bedside books.

The lime bay reed diffuser from The White Company looks so lovely I can almost smell the freshness!

It contains

‘The perfect fusion of exotic mandarin, pink grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime and lemon is laced with jasmine buds, lime blossom, ginger and crushed bay leaves. Finished with warming notes of patchouli…


Doesn’t that sound just heavenly!

I feel that by defining what I wanted from the start, picking pieces that would suit my makeover vision has been much easier. I used to just shop with not enough for an overall plan and be swayed with whatever took my eye. Age, a restricted budget and too many mistakes in the past have guided me out of this habit and now I shop with a clear plan.

Do you do this?

I don’t want to have to live with expensive mistakes and I do want to invest our money in items we can live with for a long time, that we have got a for a good price and that are good quality. I am also not as swayed by trends as I used to be and now have a much clearer idea of my own style and what works for me. I am all about texture and comfort and creating a calm atmosphere in  a bedroom to ease my mind and enable me to get a really good nights sleep. Patterns and nick nacks are just not for me!

What do you think of my bedroom makeover ideas? Do you think it is neutral enough for a house sale and pretty enough to wow?










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  1. November 4, 2017 / 07:30

    Great tips and inspiration. Thank you for sharing these tips. Very helpful and informative.

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