A brilliant app to keep kids safe online

When I was a child we didn’t have a computer. When I was at University we had a computer room that we had to book slots to use. Very few people had computers. Now  everyone, it seems, is connected. Technology advances  so fast it is hard to keep up.

The internet is how I now make a living but I have to say there is still an awful lot about  it that baffles me. My kids were born with all this technology around them in and often seem far more knowledgeable than me about using it.


app to keep kids safe online


I do worry though, so much, about them being online.

My worries

Being a blogger and using social media daily I know exactly how dangerous it can be and how vulnerable our kids are,.

I experience so much I wish I didn’t online. I have strangers try to friend me on Facebook. I inadvertently see dodgy pictures on Instagram, whilst following an innocent seeming hashtag. On YouTube I watch videos that morph into the unexpected and unwelcome and oh the emails and the pop ups !


Spending so much time online and seeing these dangers makes me worry about my children even stepping foot in the world wide web. I only let them use the internet in the kitchen and I watch them eagle eyed. They are not on any social media networks. My kids are 9 and 12 and yes, I am a bit paranoid! I know I cannot shelter them forever and I need to find a better way of keeping them safe whilst  allowing them to explore.

But how?

Have a look at this Kaspersky Safe Kids video where they have interviewed real children about their experiences online.



How many children are affected?

The statistics are quite shocking

A recent European study of 5040 children aged 10-15 conducted by global cyber security company, Kaspersky, discovered the following:

Over two thirds of the children said they had heard bad language on the internet, while a third said they had witnessed violence online, with a quarter saying they had viewed pornography online.

These are exactly my fears!

One in five children admitted their parents set no rules about how they used the internet at home and two-thirds of the respondents said they would know how to hide something from their parents that they were looking at online.

So me being vigilant may not actually be enough!


So what can we do?

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a downloadable app which helps protect our children in a digital world, on their iPhones, iPads, Macs and Computers.

It costs  just £14.99 for a year’s subscription you enables you to  stay connected with your kids online activity and be sure they are in a safe place.

Kaspersky Safe Kids absolutely rocks!


Here are some of its fantastic features:


Helps keeps your kids safe

Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you monitor your kid’s device usage time, guide them on safety and ensure they only access the types of website, content & apps you decide are okay.


It can track your kids whereabouts

It can  shows you your children’s location,  on a real-time map, plus you can define a safe area that you expect your kids to stay within. If they leave the safe area, you’ll automatically receive an alert on your mobile phone.


 You can monitor your child communications

As well as keeping a watch over incoming and outgoing calls & texts, on their Android phones & tablets, you can also monitor your kids’ public Facebook activities.
That’s all pretty amazing for one app and what piece of mind that would bring.I would allow my children to do more knowing I had such insight and control of their actions. They would be so much safer online.

I am loving the sound of the Kaspersky Safe Kids.



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