A Budget Meal Plan – vegetarian

Today – A budget meal plan -vegetarian

I mainly write about food on my Eat Simply food blog but I have been thinking for a while that I need to start meal planning over here at Family Budgeting and reviewing my budget – as our food shop spending can really get out of control.

It can be really shocking how muich of our budget goes on food actually – and quite how much gets wasted. I am not proud of it and i is not setting a good example to my kids either

I have had a very expensive last few weeks so I am going absolutely back to basics here and that means meal planning.

Here is what is on the menu at Casa Family Budgeting  this week

A Budget Meal Plan

A Budget Meal Plan – Simple and Thrifty

I am using lots of things from my store cupboard this week in my meal plan and lots of frozen veg too. I plan to just shop for bread and milk and a salad and keep costs as low as possible:


(Dads away so keeping it super simple today)

Tomato or Vegetable soup and Cheese on Toast



Spaghetti  with Roasted Vegetable Sauce



Veggie burgers and home-cooked sweet potato fries  and green salad


Rice and veg (with Quorn bacon for the kids)

Sweet Chill Tofu and Rice (for us)



Homemade tortilla pizzas and a quinoa salad



Veggie quiche (using leftover veg form Friday) with baked potatoes



Nut roast and all the Sunday lunch trimmings


More budget meal plan ideas

So how do you like my budget meal plan? You have probably guessed that we are all veggies.  I would just love to see a budget meal plan you have drawn up for the week..do let me know what you will be eating!

I am joining in with the Meal Planning Linky at  Katykicker take a peek for more meal planning inspiration and a host of budget meal plan ideas.


Thrifty Food resources

If you enjoyed my post on a budget meal plan You can see more of my thrifty food posts here on Family Budgeting  and if you enjoy Pinterest I have a thrifty food board there too do come and have a look

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More budget meal plnning ideas

And do pop back next week when I willbe meal planning agin – this need to become a haealthy savings habit for us now




  1. November 4, 2019 / 07:56

    Looks good to me, I’m liking the sound of Thursday night, maybe I’ll join you!

  2. November 4, 2019 / 11:47

    Good luck with the meal planning.
    Fab meal plan! I do love soup with cheese on toast. It’s such a simple but satisfying meal. x

  3. November 4, 2019 / 21:03

    Oh your meals sound SO good!

    Thanks for linking up and have a great week x

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