A Budget Meal Plan – Vegetarian

A budget meal plan – vegetarian

I mainly write about food on my Eat Simply food blog but I have been thinking for a while that I need to start meal planning over here at Family Budgeting and reviewing my budget – as our food shop spending can really get out of control.

It can be really shocking how much of our budget goes on food actually – and quite how much gets wasted. I am not proud of it and i is not setting a good example to my kids either

I have had a very expensive last few weeks so I am going absolutely back to basics here and that means meal planning.

Here is what is on the budget menu plan – vegetarian at Casa Family Budgeting  this week


A Budget Meal Plan


A Budget Meal Plan – Vegetarian, Simple and Thrifty

I am using lots of things from my store cupboard this week in my meal plan and lots of frozen veg too. I plan to just shop for bread and milk and a salad and keep costs as low as possible:



(Dads away so keeping it super simple today)

Tomato or Vegetable soup and Cheese on Toast



Spaghetti  with Roasted Vegetable Sauce



Veggie burgers with sweetcorn relish  and home-cooked sweet potato fries  and green salad



Black Rice Salad and veg (with Quorn bacon for the kids)

Sweet Chill Tofu and Rice (for us)



Homemade tortilla pizzas and a quinoa salad



Veggie quiche (using leftover veg form Friday) with baked potatoes



Nut roast and all the Sunday lunch trimmings and lots of black pepper


More budget meal plan – vegetarian ideas

So how do you like my budget meal plan? You have probably guessed that we are all veggies. I gave lots more cheap vegetarian reipes here  I would just love to see a budget meal plan you have drawn up for the week..do let me know what you will be eating! You may also like my high protein vegetarian diet plan

I am joining in with the Meal Planning Linky at  Katykicker take a peek for more meal planning inspiration and a host of budget meal plan ideas.



Thrifty Food resources: A budget meal plan – vegetarian

If you enjoyed my post on a budget meal plan You can see more of my thrifty food posts here on Family Budgeting  and if you enjoy Pinterest I have a thrifty food board there too do come and have a look

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More budget meal planning ideas

And do pop back next week when I will be meal planning again – this need to become a healthy savings habit for us now


A Budget Meal Plan – Vegetarian 

Do pop over to my food blog eat Simply and see how this great frittata can mop up your leftover veggies most deliciously 



  1. November 4, 2019 / 07:56

    Looks good to me, I’m liking the sound of Thursday night, maybe I’ll join you!

  2. November 4, 2019 / 11:47

    Good luck with the meal planning.
    Fab meal plan! I do love soup with cheese on toast. It’s such a simple but satisfying meal. x

  3. November 4, 2019 / 21:03

    Oh your meals sound SO good!

    Thanks for linking up and have a great week x

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