A cheaper way to buy toiletries

A cheaper way to buy toiletries

chemist direct

Where do you buy your toiletries and medicines from generally?


A cheaper way to buy toiletries

I usually go to Boots myself I like to have a good browse. Sometimes I buy them from the supermarket which I think is a little cheaper. It always feels like an expense I could do without. We are off on our holidays soon which means buying sunscreen and the like ready for our trip.

It felt very timely that we were asked to do a review on Chemist Direct.  ChemistDirect.co.uk is the UK’s number 1 online retailer of pharmacy medications, specialist skincare products,  toiletries, vitamins and supplements they even stock pet products!

At Chemist Direct  you can browse a much wider range than your average High Street pharmacy whilst still being able to fulfil prescriptions through  GPhC registered pharmacists whilst sitting in your PJ’s. Now that is a huge perk to me! (and it saves you money on transport/parking/having a little coffee because you have been shopping and your feet ache.)

There are bargains galore to be had at Chemist Direct. Their distribution centre is huge so you can really benefit from bulk buys too.

My main sights were set on sunscreen. They have BOGOF on lots of sunscreen (and this really is an essential) Not a thing you want to run out of is it!

I purchased sunscreens for us all, after sun, plasters for our tip, calpol sachets, really well priced Aussie hair products, wet wipes, facial wipes, some dental hygiene products and  bath soak.  The whole lot came to just under £50 which is absolutely excellent for the stash I got! We get thorough a lot of Aussie hair products due to huge amounts of frizzy hair here, to be paying under £4 for them is rather fabulous!

Orders over £40 get free delivery which can be next day or 5 days depending on your need for speed.

Excellent value and choice at Chemist Direct, I was impressed and it is certainly a money saving way to but toiletries and travel essentials.


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