A Double Eyelid Surgery Can Improve Vision for Some People

Eye appearance varies from one person to another due to genetic differences. Some people have the single eyelid type, so they lack creases between the eyelashes and eyebrows. Approximately 50% of the Asian people have the monolid eye type with no creases.

This eye is perfectly normal, but sometimes monolid can decrease the space between your lower and upper lids giving your eyes a smaller appearance. Such eyes also tend to accumulate a significant amount of subcutaneous fat, which can limit your vision. If you want to achieve rounder and more open eyes, you may want to consider eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty. Here is a detailed guide covering the basics of this procedure.


 Double Eyelid Surgery

What Is Asian Blepharoplasty?

The Asian blepharoplasty, also known as double eyelid surgery is a reconstructive procedure aimed at treating monolids. Your doctor will remove the obstructive layer of fat and skin to reveal the eye’s natural contours. This procedure creates a subtle change in your eyes without altering your natural facial anatomy.


Reasons to Consider the Surgery

People opt for the Asian blepharoplasty procedure due to different reasons. For instance, if your eyelids interfere with your vision, or you experience some eye pain. This unique eyelid anatomy can affect the position of the eyelashes. They can turn inwards, causing irritations. Eyelashes can also tear inner tissues, which results in light sensitivity or permanent vision damage. In some people, monolids cause a more pronounced fold in the inner corner of the eye. The excess skin in such eyelids can inhibit peripheral vision. Such people will need to tilt their heads back a little bit to see clearly.

When you undergo surgery, your eyes will look larger and more open, which results in improved vision. If you have one eye with double eyelids and the other has a monolid, you can opt for surgery to create unison. The procedure also results in harmony and better symmetry of the eyes, giving you a more beautiful appearance. For women, this will make it easier to apply your make-up.


Surgery Option for Double Eyelids

Before eyelid surgery, you will need to meet with your doctor to discuss your options. The surgeon will assess your eye condition and previous medical history to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. Your experience will be different from others since no two people have the exact eye anatomy. There are various techniques used for this surgery that suit different people. Your doctor should advise you accordingly on your best option. They include:


  • Incision Surgery

This is the most common technique where the surgeon makes a notable cut along the eyelids to expose the excess fat and skin. They will first administer anesthesia and mark the proposed double line area. After this, the doctor will make a small incision to remove the marked skin, the fat tissues in between and then stitch the skin. You will need to go back to the doctor to remove the stitches after four to five days. This is an effective option, and it can work for nearly everyone. It provides permanent results but leaves a visible scar. Go for this technique if you have thick skin and excess fat on the upper eyelids.


  • Partial Incision

The doctor makes tiny incisions for this technique to create a surgical window and remove the excess fat. This method minimizes scarring, unlike the full incision, and cuts less than five millimeters result in unnoticeable scars. It’s your ideal option if you have excess fat on the eyelid but less skin. Also, the technique suits those patients who have no extra fat or skin but need better results than what the non-incision method offers. Since the surgeon will need to make minimal cuts, this procedure is quite complex. Just like in the full incision, the doctor will use sutures to stitch the skin, and you should have them removed in the next four to five days.


  • Suture Technique

Your doctor can create a double eyelid without making an incision. Your doctor will first administer anesthesia then make several tiny holes on the eyelid skin. After this, they put through sutures, tighten them to quilt a crease into position. The stitches remain beneath the skin permanently, so you won’t need to go back to the doctor for removal. There will be no incision scar, and this method also minimizes the possibility of swelling.

For this technique, the recovery is faster, and in case you are not happy with the results, you can have it reversed. This option best suits people who have no excess fat or skin under the eyelids. It’s, therefore, an excellent option for young patients, especially those who don’t wear contact lenses. However, this method isn’t very resilient, and the double eyelid may unfold in the future. It can last between six months and sixty years. Practices like lifting the eyelids to put on lenses can loosen up the sutures over time.


The Recovery

The recovery will vary based on the surgical method used. Some people experience mild swelling for the suture technique for two to three days, and they can get back to their daily activities within 12 to 24 hours. To ease the effects, you can use ice packs. If you opt for the incision method, you might experience significant lumps for the first two weeks, which can go on for up to a month. You will begin to heal after two to three weeks, and you can use light make-up and glasses to conceal surgery evidence.

Once the swelling starts to go down, the crease lowers into position, and you should start seeing results. Follow your doctor’s instructions to aid in faster recovery and if you spot signs of infections, seek professional help immediately.


The Bottom Line

The Asian blepharoplasty creates well-defined eyelid creases that have both physical and functionality benefits. The double eyelids create an illusion of large, brighter eyes and improve the width of vision. For best results, work with an experienced surgeon.


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