A drive safe checklist

Today – a drive safe checklist



A drive safe checklist


A drive safe checklist

I have been a driver now for almost 15 years and yet I still never take my car or my driving skills for granted. I am always consciously giving myself a checklist of safety features, it has never become an automatic thing with me. I think this is a good thing. It is so very important to be aware of your driving skills and your car maintenance. Whether you drive in London, Nottingham like me or out in the Countryside there are somethings we do all need to consider


Basic checks

There are some basic checks that need to happen each and every single time you step into the car.

  1. Keeping the car clean is really important, you need to be able to see clearly out of your windows and your lights and number plates need to be visible.
  2. Keeping your seat belt on at all times, and checking your passengers do too is also key to safety.
  3. It is also very important to make sure you can see clearly so swinging dice, an over filled backseat or boot are a no-no. Other distractions such as loud music and squabbling kids should also be addressed.
  4. Alertness is everything – driving when tired is really unsafe and it sometimes opening the window and drinking lots of coffee is just not enough, do make sure you are fit to drive. If you aren’t sure whether you are awake/alert enough to drive then don’t do it..it isn’t worth the risk.
  5. You need to know your oil is okay and that you have enough petrol otherwise things could go horribly wrong so do look at your dashboard lights, you also need to make sure there is enough water and your windscreen wipers work


Keeping tyres in good condition

Keeping your tyres at the right air pressure and with a good tread and appropriate for use is vital. You don’t want to be skidding in your car, nor do you want a flat tyre unexpectedly. The right tyres and healthy tyres will ensure that you are both safe and driving efficiently. Do get them checked regularly and replaced as and when required. If you want to get new tyres within London you can check Iverson Tyres website.


Getting your car serviced regularly.

MOT’s are a legal requirement and do ensure on a yearly basis that your car is safe and in good working order. So, you may be thinking, why bother with a service?

The RAC says:

Regular servicing can help to keep your car running smoothly and identify potential problems early on, reducing the risk of more serious and costly problems in the future, and also reducing the risk of breakdown.

Servicing will make sure that essential checks are carried out on essential areas like brakes or suspension – things not checked by MOT’s but that would be a huge issue if they failed you (and very expensive to sort out too)

Servicing a car increases it’s life span so is well worth the investment of time and money.


Checking your car is roadworthy and safe and that you are alert and focussed are just so important and could save lives.


A drive save checklist is a ccollaborative post – you might also like my post on  what distracts you when you are driving


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