A Frugal Week in Lockdown

Hi and welcome to this week’s look at a frugal week in lockdown


a frugal week in lockdown


Well, we are still in lockdown and still at home all day and every day apart from when we go for a walk. So, what have we been up to and how is it possible to save money when you can’t actually do anything?

Well, it’s always possible to save and absolutely have a frugal wekk l in lockdown  if you just stick to your own budget and try and think creatively.

This week we have still managed to achieve our 5 frugal things.


A frugal week in lockdown

Here’s  what we have done this week: #


Lettuce eat salad

Planted some lettuce seeds in the hope of growing our own this year. fresh salad is not too easy to get hold of right now. If nothing else having a go at growing our own educational and fun and it is certainly cheap.

 You mihgt like to take a look at my post on easy vegetables to grow



Disney +

My daughter has been badgering me to buy Disney + We already have Netflix and pay for Sky Cinema so I have said no. Money is tight right now. There are tons of films we haven’t yet seen on the streaming services we already paid for so I have made a list for the great movies we are still to watch I have said we need to watch them first.

I know there is a free trial but I know because of the free trial we will be tempted to keep the additional service. So, for now, at least it is no.


Clay Making during a frugal week in lockdown

 frugal week in lockdown


One of the silver linings of lockdown has been the time we have had together to be creative with. My sister as 50 this week and I had time to create her a present that was heartfelt and unique. I crafted the bowl from clay and filled dit with handmade charms I thought she would like. My daughter made her some chocolate‘s and my son made her a jar quite filled with quotes. We are usually too busy to be so creative this was something we really enjoyed.


Hair cuts

I have been thinking about haircuts this week too and  I was tempted by this and give it a go but I didn’t think id do a great job or ant to spend money on clippers and surely its fine to go six weeks without a haircut?



I did spend some money this week however on an SEO course – it had 30% off and I see it as an investment. Sometimes you have to speculate to acuminate.



So overall a very frugal week in lockdown for us, how is your week going – have you had a frugal week in lockdown?


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