A guide to Sending Parcels from the UK to Poland

Parcels from the UK to Poland

It could be an anniversary card, birthday gift, letters, electronics or even Medical tools that you want to send from the United Kingdom to Poland. But is it that simple? Euro-paka.co.uk delivery services work with you throughout the process to ensure your goods reach the destination within the set period. If you communicate the intention in good time, they can deliver before the deadline. Ideally, it takes about 1-3 days for the recipient to receive the goods, based on how fast you communicate and complete the transactions from your end.

Nevertheless, you will find a professional customer service attendant that works best to satisfy your parcel requirements. When it’s time to fold that envelope, tape that box or even wrap that birthday gift, you may have to understand the following about sending goods to Poland.

The taxation

Other than the cost of sending your parcels through Euro-paka.co.uk, your goods are likely to attract some statutory charges. That happens if the shipment’s value exceeds the 45 Euro exemption rate set by the state. If the gift exceeds, the receiver will have to pay the import duties at the rates applied. Even when the item’s value falls below the set standard, you need to declare it as a gift at the customs; otherwise, you will have to pay the import duties and the taxes.

When the shipping comes from a non-EU member country, the sender must honestly declare the details of the item about the quantity and the value. Without the clear and honest declaration, you stand to suffer additional charges and delays which would render them irrelevant to the recipient in case there is a deadline. You do not want your kin to receive the birthday card three days after the material day. The tax exemption from those sending from non-EU member countries is 22 Euros.

With the execution of the new free trade agreement between the two countries, you will not need to pay import duties when you’re sending parcels from the UK to Poland. Similarly, senders will not need to make declarations when shipping the goods, which only applies when you are posting within the EU countries.

Packaging the goods

While Euro-paka.co.uk provides real-time for tracking details, you need to enhance the safety of your products owing to the many handling at the ports of exit and arrival. For this reason, those sending fragile goods need to use a new double-corrugated box made of cardboard, as an outer package. They can further enhance the safety through a triple-corrugated cardboard box when transporting goods such as glasses.

For the inner side, you may consider wrapping the items individually or bubble-wrapping to reduce friction and impact in case they fall during handling. You must also keep them static by filling any space left in the box using foam, bubble wrap or newspapers.



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